Faced with AirTags, Tile would consider launching a new generation tracker

2021 is well on its way to becoming the year of smart trackers. Samsung and Apple are indeed both considering stepping into the breach and launching accessories in their own name: Galaxy Smart Tags on one side and AirTags on the other. Tile, on the other hand, would not count on staying with his hands in his pockets.

According to information from TechCrunch , Tile would indeed intend to launch a brand new tracker this year.

Faced With Airtags Tile Would Consider Launching A New Generation Tracker
Tile would have a new tracker in the works

More evolved than the previous ones, the latter would have the main feature of using UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology instead of the eternal Bluetooth.

A new tracker in preparation at Tile?

And there, it is probably better to take a short break to explain the differences between the two technologies.

Tile's trackers currently operate via Bluetooth. It also means that they must be connected to a smartphone to function properly. Once the connection has been configured, the user can then locate his Tile or program an alert if he must leave outside a given perimeter.

The UWB is a little different. It still works at close range, of course, but it also helps measure the distance between two compatible devices more accurately.

Unlike Bluetooth, it does not actually rely on the strength of the signal to locate the devices operating it, but rather the time required for a radio wave to pass between two devices. Just to give you an order of comparison, UWB signals offer an accuracy of 5 to 10 cm in terms of location against around 5 meters for Bluetooth and WiFi. All while consuming much less energy than the latter.

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A real competitor for AirTags?

The UWB therefore has many advantages and this is why Apple has turned to this technology. The iPhone 11 and 12 indeed all embed a UWB chip and the AirTags should also be based on this protocol in order to offer a more precise location.

Tile, for his part, would also intend to make a change and turn to this standard for his next tracker. We still lack information, but the latter should at the same time use the same technology as the AirTags and offer the same kind of integration.

Our source also expects this famous accessory to offer augmented reality functions to make our lives a little easier. This should also be the case with AirTags.

TechCrunch thus evokes a Tile application capable of showing us a view of what is behind our phone, with benchmarks in augmented reality to more easily find our trackers and the objects attached to them. On the other hand, and unlike Apple's products, the accessory should not be limited to iOS and it could therefore be compatible with Android. But of course, the main party hasn't confirmed anything yet.

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