Facing the sling, WhatsApp clarifies its privacy policy

While WhatsApp is increasingly shunned by users , it has just released a statement. The company ensures that changing the terms of use does not affect the security of our personal data.

WhatsApp is currently going through a tragic period. The application continues to be neglected by its members. And for good reason, it recently proceeded to the setting of its conditions of use. An update that does not seem to suit some Internet users insofar as it is now necessary to agree to share your information with Facebook to be able to continue using the instant messaging service. Faced with this complex reality, to say the least, the platform issued a press release to clarify things.

Facing the sling, WhatsApp clarifies its privacy policy

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“We would like to point out that the update of our policy has no impact on the confidentiality of your messages with your friends or family,” reads the text published on the WhatsApp website.

"Optional changes"

WhatsApp points out that the changes relating to sending messages to Facebook are optional. Additionally, they would provide more transparency on how the app handles users' personal data. The company also claims that it cannot see or listen to our conversations thanks to end-to-end encryption. A particularity which would also concern Facebook.

As if all this was not enough, the press release mentions that the company does not keep the history of the recipients of messages or calls. Like Facebook, WhatsApp would also not be able to see the shared location and would not share the user's contacts with the number one in social networks. Among the other elements on which WhatsApp has emphasized, it is possible to cite the fact that groups remain private and that everyone can download their data.

Facilitate correspondence with companies

We also now know that if WhatsApp invites its users to share their data with Facebook, it would be in order to "improve discussions when choosing to communicate with companies" . Concretely, she wants to allow us to have conversations with them through secure hosting services.

Finally, the press release mentions the launch of new commercial features aimed at facilitating purchases on Facebook.

Note that WhatsApp has also decided to postpone the implementation of these new terms of use until May 15. We were talking about it this morning .