Fall Guys pushes back its Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions for a good cause

The pandemic has pushed players to find themselves online, the opportunity for video game experiences to escape. The studios did not hesitate to publish certain games during this health crisis, such as Mediatonic with Fall Guys. A title that brings together 60 players ready to compete in many fun events at Takeshi's Castle to clinch victory. A sort of dazzlingly successful Battle Royale that pushed Epic Games to buy Mediatonic after Rocket League, just that. And while Falls Guys is available on PC and PlayStation, two major platforms are still missing.

These platforms are obviously Microsoft's Xbox and Nintendo's Switch.

Fall Guys pushes back its Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions for a good cause

Credit: Mediatonic / Devolver Digital

If these ports have been announced, we will unfortunately have to wait a little longer but it is for a good cause: crossplay.

Xbox and Switch versions lag behind crossplay

Mediatonic announced it itself : the Xbox and Switch versions of Fall Guys, which were due to arrive this summer, are finally being pushed back. Bad news for the owners of these machines who wanted to finally discover the phenomenon.

In a statement, the studio begins by recalling that it now belongs to Epic Games and that this acquisition allows it to have access to new tools to improve the game. But this change has pushed the studio to review its plans, explaining that 'it's "a little too early to add all the functionality we want".

In order not to frustrate players, Mediatonic specifies that it wishes to release these versions, but not at the expense of quality, thanking its community for its understanding. And if Fall Guys is late on Xbox and Switch, it is "to integrate crossplay, so that all players can fall on each other regardless of the platform".

Unfortunately, Mediatonic is not announcing a new period for the release of Fall Guys. But it seems more than logical to integrate crossplay rather than leaving Xbox gamers with Xbox gamers and Switch gamers with Switch gamers. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, lifting the boundaries between machines is the best possible idea. Not to mention that the industry is gradually moving towards this end of a restriction that has lasted far too long …

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