Fallout now has its PC case

Nzxt launches a new PC case . The result of a partnership with Bethesda Softworks, the H700 Nuka-Cola is a custom product that is primarily aimed at Fallout fans.

Based in Los Angeles, Nzxt is an American company that has become famous for the quality and variety of computer equipment it offers to consumers. Among its flagship products is the H700 PC case. And this model is now getting a new look, because it has just been declined in a personalized version having been designed under an official Bethesda license, or more precisely Fallout. The least that can be said is that like the standard model, the H700 Nuka-Cola is large enough to hold your PC components.

Fallout Now Has Its Pc Case

It is also complete. In short, it has assets that will not fail to attract the attention of gamers and especially fans of the game inspired by Bethesda Softworks from Wasteland.

A limited edition PC case

The H700 Nuka-Cola may be a piece of hardware that won't go unnoticed by Fallout fans, unfortunately only 2,000 were produced. We do not know why Nzxt made this choice, but if you want to treat yourself to this magnificent case, then you will have to hurry.

Moreover, this customized version of the H700 in Fallout colors is currently only available in the United States. Where it retails for $ 299.99, which is particularly expensive for a product of its kind. To top it off, the manufacturer has provided a metal protection for the motherboard. The accessory is adapted to the new case and to get it, it will be necessary to pay an additional 50 dollars.

A licensed Fallout box

Since this is a custom product with the Bethesda Softworks video game theme, the H700 Nuka-Cola has features reminiscent of this one. Starting with its appearance, especially that of its back, which largely resembles that of a soft drink dispenser in the game. Added to this is a poster that features a woman drinking Nuka-Cola, the post drink. -apocalyptic of Fallout.

Also, note that the stainless steel frame has a tempered glass side panel. A cable protection bar and a support for the AIO coolers are on the program. We will also highlight the presence of a liquid cooling system and a perforated metal mesh to ensure good ventilation.

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