Final Cut Pro XI is reportedly roaming China

When we talk about video editing software, Final Cut Pro XI is apparently roaming China if we are to believe what has been rumored on the internet for a few hours now. A lucky boy would have actually managed to get his hands on a development version of the motion and compressor and he obviously did not fail to list all the new features brought by the latter. And you know what ? There is a lot to say about multicam editing on mac app store. One competitior it is apple motion .

Caution is obviously required because nobody knows if this famous site is telling the truth. No one but him, of course.

Final Cut Pro Xi Is Reportedly Roaming China

Could this be the Final Cut Pro XI “about” window on a magnetic timeline, or some heinous edit out of the mind of a madman?

Either way, Final Cut Pro XI would make quite a few changes from the previous version. First point and not least, it would only be compatible with OS X 10.10 and it will therefore be necessary to have a machine under Yosemite to take advantage of it.

A rendering engine 30% more efficient than in Final Cut Pro X?

Not terrible motion graphics , but there are all the same nice surprises in the lot, like the support of 5K videos, for example, or the presence of a new rendering engine 30% more efficient than that of Final Cut Pro X. Since we’re talking about it, know that this version is also supposed to support more formats , and also benefit from a new interface more in line with the latest version of Apple’s operating system.

New interface, and new font.

And after ? Not much more, unfortunately, except that not all of our plug-ins will be compatible with the software. Hard to be surprised, right?

I don’t know if these hallway noises are valid or not but, personally, the thing that really bothers me with adobe premiere but Final Cut Pro X is the general performance of the application and more precisely the duration of the renderings in import or in export. Sometimes it’s a bit clunky and it’s a shame because the rest is really cool. I hope you enjoyed this video editing software.


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