Finally a playable woman in GTA 6?

GTA 6 may not be about to be released – not according to the latest rumors anyway – that does not prevent it from being talked about. Exactly, Tom Henderson has again mentioned the title of Rockstar on his Twitter account, with a rumor concerning the characters that we will be able to play…

You might not have missed it, but Rockstar's franchise isn't particularly inclusive.

Finally a playable woman in GTA 6?
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Since the transition to the sacrosanct 3D, GTA has effectively stuck to male characters.

GTA 6: finally a playable woman?

GTA 5 itself was no exception. If this component allowed us to play three different characters, they were all men – which is ultimately quite unfortunate when you think about it.

But there you go, if we are to believe Tom Henderson, then Rockstar would not intend to make the same mistake with the next installment.

Caution is of course in order, but in his post the owner of Viral Junkie explains that GTA 6 will give us a little more flexibility regarding the choice of gender.

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No info on the character's identity or background

According to him, the title should indeed allow us to embody a female character and a male character. Yes both. Just like with the last episode, so you should expect to be able to switch between them depending on the story.

If the idea is attractive enough, Tom Henderson unfortunately does not go further and he gives absolutely no information on the exact identity of these characters, their characteristics, their history or even on the source which communicated the information to him. As often with this kind of rumors, caution is therefore required and it will be preferable not to get carried away too quickly, especially since it had also been question that GTA 5 would allow us to play a woman for a while .

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