Firefox 35 is here, with communication and sharing highlighted

Our browsers these days do much more than allow us to display web pages and are packed with a variety of features. Not everyone will necessarily have the use of everything found in a particular browser, but it is nevertheless the only way to reach as many people as possible.

Thus, the updates follow one another, in particular for Firefox which passes from now on to version 35 as well on computers as on Android. If on this last variation we will mainly find support for the Android download manager to keep track of them, the desktop version is a little more interesting and offers two major new features.

Firefox 35 Is Here With Communication And Sharing Highlighted

The first one, you already know it: it is about Firefox Hello , a video conferencing tool integrated into Firefox and which makes it possible to launch or receive a video call via a browser. The only condition for our interlocutor is that he uses a WebRTC compatible browser, as is the case for Chrome or Opera for example (apart from Firefox of course).

The other big novelty is the share button that can be found in the toolbar (but can be moved at will via the customization of the interface introduced with Australis ).

This button will allow us to share a link, the one to the page we are currently reading, to certain social networks and other compatible platforms. To do this, simply go to this address and activate the services you want.

Once your first service is activated, the button will appear and you just have to click on it to open a dialog box allowing you to compose your message. For the moment, several services are available such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LikdeIn or even Gmail, Pocket, and others.

These are of course not the only new features that Firefox integrates, and developers will be particularly happy to learn that it is now possible to inspect the pseudo-elements : before and : after for example. The full list of news is as usual available at this address .

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