Firefox could soon integrate Tor natively

Among the best known and most used browsers, Firefox is the most famous for the privacy of Internet users. And if the rumor of the moment turns out to be true, Mozilla's browser could even go even further and considerably change the way we view private browsing. Yep, just that.

The rumor in question started from The Daily Dot which reports the words of a certain Andrew Lewman, executive director of Tor. According to him, the Tor project is in discussion with a company whose name is not mentioned but whose description fits rather well with Mozilla. We could therefore expect a native integration of Tor in Firefox , no more and no less.

Firefox Could Soon Integrate Tor Natively

For those who do not know, Tor is a network that allows for a certain anonymity: using Tor, it is difficult to know where the request is coming from, and therefore to identify the initial user.

With Tor in Firefox, for example, one could imagine using this network when browsing in private mode: in addition to not providing any information such as cookies and the like, private browsing would be truly private.

An excellent asset for Firefox, therefore, but not only. The Tor network derives its strength from its number of users: the higher the number, the more anonymity can be “guaranteed”. Also, if Firefox users can join Tor without having to install anything else, the network will be more robust, and that's a pretty good thing.


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