Firefox will be entitled to a facelift

Firefox has lost some of its luster since the arrival of Chrome, but it still has many followers around the world. And if you are one of them, then you will no doubt be happy to learn that Mozilla's browser will be entitled to a graphical overhaul in the year 2021.

Once is not customary, the information does not come from a well-informed source or even “close to the file”, but directly from the foundation.

Firefox will be entitled to a facelift
Credits Gerd Altmann

Like many companies today, Mozilla communicates publicly on its browser.

Firefox will be entitled to a visual overhaul

The foundation has thus developed a platform called Bugzilla, which allows everyone to follow the various fixes made to the browser, but also to know its future developments.

However, as Ghacks reports, a new entry was recently created on the platform. Available here , it directly evokes a graphic redesign for the browser.

Few details are given, but Bugzilla still refers to the code name of this facelift. It is internally baptized Proton.

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Several ready-made models

On the other hand, and it is a pity, the entry gives no date and it is therefore unknown when this refresh will be implemented in the browser. This also means that we do not know the number of the version that will benefit from it.

For his part, Ghacks dug a little and our colleagues found references alluding to the axes of development of this new version. They believe that Mozilla's efforts will focus on the browser menu, but also on the toolbars and the tab bar, as well as on the contextual menu that appears after a right click on the pages. displayed.

Sören Hentzschel, for his part , said he saw several models of Firefox Proton. Mozilla has not yet made its choice and it is therefore unclear which model the foundation will turn to.

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