Firefox will display targeted advertising based on browsing history

Would Mozilla seek to diversify its sources of income? Certainly, and this is what prompted him to set up sponsored tiles for new users on Firefox at the end of last year . The foundation now wants to move up a gear by imposing these inserts on all Internet users.

Originally, these tiles only appeared when the browsing history was empty. Several partners have expressed their interest from the start, including CVS Health and Booking.

Firefox Will Display Targeted Advertising Based On Browsing History

Mozilla will extend Firefox Sponsored Tiles to all installations.

The foundation has not communicated on the results obtained by this new advertising mechanism, but it has decided to extend it to all Internet users from this summer, regardless of the state of their history.

Mozilla will not share user data with advertisers

The operation of these sponsored tiles will not change. They will refer the user to the sites of advertisers, with a tracking system to allow them to determine the real reach of their campaigns.

These will not be chosen by chance. Firefox will use our browsing history to determine the most relevant tiles. If you are viewing a lot of content on Windows 10, for example, then the browser will bring up tiles pointing to Microsoft's site.

Mozilla promises that it will respect the privacy of its users and that it will not share their history with advertisers and advertisers. The foundation will not use cookies or tracking tools. In addition, the user can deactivate the sponsored tiles if he wishes, thanks to an option placed in the preferences of the browser.

The system will first be implemented on beta versions of the browser, before being extended to traditional versions. If you wish to obtain more information on their operation and on the measures put in place by the foundation to avoid overflows, you can go to this page .

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