Flipper Zero, the Tamagotchi that we feed by hacking devices

By creating Flipper Zero , Flipper Devices Inc. wants to prove that hacking is only "a skill set, like anything else". With its concept reminiscent of that of Tamagotchi, it is a small device aimed at transforming hacking into child's play.

Hacking a connected object generally requires advanced computer and DIY skills. Russian hackers nevertheless claim to have invented a solution that should make things easier. It consists of a small device reminiscent of the Tamagotchi. Much like that famous virtual pet that appeared in the late 90s, the Flipper Zero offers simple controls, including a five-button directional pad. A back button is also there. For the display, the device is satisfied with a monochrome screen of 1.4 inches.

Flipper Zero, the Tamagotchi that we feed by hacking devices

Credits Flipper Devices Inc.

Note, however, that despite its compact and fairly simplistic appearance, the Flipper Zero has components capable of achieving impressive feats.

A Tamagochi for budding pirates

According to the explanations of Alexander Kulagin, co-creator of Flipper, one of the reasons why the small device was created is to democratize the art of hacking and make it fun. Its users must take care of a dolphin. Unlike Tamagotchi, the latter has a somewhat particular diet. In fact, in order to be happy and thus continue to live, it feeds on piracy.

Vice.com reports that the dolphin evolves as its owner interacts with it. He gets angry when not frequently used. Indeed, to make the animal happy, the user must hack connected objects, among others, connected sockets, devices equipped with infrared sensors (televisions, air conditioners), smart locks, etc.

To make all of this possible, the Flipper Zero works with open source code on which is based a transceiver that supports frequencies between 433 and 868 MHz.

A largely successful crowfunding campaign

In addition, Flipper Devices Inc. promises compatibility with Bluetooth and NFC standards. The Flipper Zero also has a GPIO I / O interface, a USB port and a slot for a MicroSD card. In the face of criticism the product can cause, Kulagin explained that the ultimate goal is to "show that hacking is actually for everyday use and it's not bad." It's just a skill set, like anything else ” .

While it should be delivered from next February, the Flipper Zero, priced at $ 100, was the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. An operation which allowed the Russian company to accumulate the sum of 4,882,784 dollars on a target of 60,000 dollars!

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