Focus on the new Parrot MiniDrones

Parrot organized an evening in Paris last week to present its new MiniDrones. The Frenchie has not done things by halves since he has lifted the veil on five different models spread over three distinct ranges: Jumping , Airbornes and Hydrofoil . It was obviously impossible not to talk about it.

MiniDrones hit the market last year and they came in two models with the Jumping Sumo on one side and the Rolling Spider on the other.

Focus On The New Parrot Minidrones

The Jumping Race is equipped with wide tires to better grip the road.

They worked well and this is precisely what prompted the manufacturer to put the cover back this year.

The Jumping, the aces of the road

As their name indicates quite well, the Jumping are the descendants of Sumo and they thus resemble him like two drops of water. Or almost, because sometimes you have to be wary of appearances.

The Night can still leap in the air (80 cm maximum), but it is also equipped with two dimmable LEDs so it will be able to see in the dark while reaching a top speed of 7 km / h.

The Racer is devoid of night vision. His thing is speed and his large wheels will allow him to reach 13 km / h in top speed. Contrary to what I claim in my video, it can also jump in the air, at a height of 75 cm.

These two drones carry both a speaker and a microphone. They can therefore be used to communicate with someone. Behind, Parrot had the good idea to integrate a compatible 2.4 or 5 GHz WiFi chip. The announced autonomy is 20 minutes.

What about the price? It will take 199 euros to take advantage of these drones. Launch scheduled for July.

Focus On The New Parrot Minidrones 1

Airborne Night can see in the dark, or almost.

The Airbornes, the masters of the heavens

The Rolling Spider will be able to take a well-deserved retirement. The succession is effectively assured, with two new flying drones.

The Airborne Night looks a lot like the Spider but the removable wheels give way to bumpers protecting the aircraft's propellers. It will also be equipped with two dimmable LEDs so it can be used in the dark. Convenient.

The Airborne Cargo will offer the same thing, with a difference in size: it will also be equipped with small pins that can accommodate… Lego parts. The best is yet to come as they will be placed on top and on the four arms of the device. If you feel like it, you can actually develop a nacelle system.

The Night and the Cargo will both offer a battery life of 9 minutes and they also have 1 GB of internal memory for storing photos. Count 129 euros for each model, and a launch planned for July.

Focus On The New Parrot Minidrones 2

Even better than a radio-controlled boat.

Hydrofoil, the champion of ponds

The Hydrofoil is the fifth drone in the bunch and it really doesn't look like its little buddies.

In reality, it consists of two different parts: a floating structure and a propulsion system based on the use of a small quadricopter. It is therefore an aquatic drone and it can reach a maximum speed of 10 km / h.

Parrot announces an autonomy of 9 minutes. Price side, it will take 179 euros to take advantage of it and it is not expensive paid in the end because the drone combines two toys in one.

We end with the video shot for the evening.