For Tesla, there was someone behind the wheel of the car that crashed in Texas

The Tesla Model S that crashed in Texas did have a person behind the wheel. This detail potentially rules out the hypothesis of software failure as the cause of the accident.

The drama dates back to April 17 in Spring, Texas. According to KHOU TV station, investigators at the scene were " 100% sure " that no one was driving at the time of the crash. The crash of the Tesla Model S which would have driven in Autopilot mode had two victims: William Varner (59 years old) and Everette Talbot (69 years old). The head of Tesla, Elon Musk was mounted to the plate shortly after the incident. It made mention of recovered on-board data indicating the deactivation of the autopilot. The owner of the vehicle would thus have opted for a model devoid of the functionality.

For Tesla, there was someone behind the wheel of the car that crashed in Texas

Credits John Jakob – Pixabay

Another representative of the manufacturer comes to contradict the version of the investigators. This is the vice president of automotive engineering at the firm, Lars Moravy.

An abnormal position of the steering wheel

A Tesla team was able to examine the vehicle. The inspection was carried out under the guidance of local law enforcement, investigators from the US Federal Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Tesla engineers noted a steering wheel positioned in an abnormal position.

This leads them to conclude that one of the victims was driving at the time of the incident. The manufacturer still did not have access to the vehicle's memory card. This remains in the hands of investigators.

Musk castigates media coverage

We continue to hold safety in high regard and seek to improve our products in the future with this kind of data and other information in the field, ” Moravy said anyway. No representative from NHTSA and NTSB was willing to respond to comments from Tesla's vice president of automotive engineering.

" These journalists should be ashamed of themselves, " said Elon Musk. The boss accuses journalists of focusing unfairly on his business just to gain an audience. He asks why the many deaths that occur every day on the roads are not covered so vigorously.

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