Fortnite: Here are the revenue generated on each platform

Since Epic Games and Apple do not like each other. It must be said that companies are in the midst of a legal war following the ban of Fortnite from the App Store. A decision motivated by the violation of the rules of the virtual store by Epic Games, which offered its own payment solution to avoid Apple's 30% commission. Since then, justice must shed light on this case while certain elements are revealed to the general public. The latest details where the revenue generated by Fortnite is distributed on the different platforms: iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

It will not surprise anyone, the PlayStation comes out on top.

Fortnite: Here are the revenue generated on each platform

Epic games

As for the last of the ranking, we find iOS.

Fortnite gets most of its revenue from PlayStation

That Fortnite generates more revenue on PlayStation is no surprise. Sony and Epic Games are very close and this new element taking into account the period between March 2018 and July 2020 attests to it. On PlayStation, Fortnite generated 46.8% of the popular online game's revenue. Then comes the Xbox One which displays a share of 27.5%: a big gap with its main competitor.

The Android, Nintendo Switch and PC versions account for no less than 18.7% of revenue. A somewhat surprising statistic for the last mentioned platform, being favored by big streamers. It looks like Fortnite isn't that popular on PC.

But the most interesting data remains that related to iOS. Because before its withdrawal from the App Store, Fortnite represented only 7% of the revenue generated. A really low share for a popular mobile operating system. We could have expected a much larger data since it is at the heart of the conflict between Apple and Epic Games.

So it seems obvious that attacking Apple and depriving themselves of Fortnite on iOS was not such a risky bet for Epic Games. The business has, on the contrary, more to gain than to lose. Because if the monopoly of the Cupertino company is recognized, the studio behind Fortnite could offer its Epic Games Store on iOS. The App Store would therefore no longer be the only virtual store for Apple's operating system.

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