In Africa, Fractureme began. To be accurate, Swaziland. We did humanitarian non-profit work and spoke about their interests – things like art, business, and travel.Here it’s a honest review about it.

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We began to think about what was wrong when we personally had photo printed encounters and found that there was one common element: the frame. “So we just … don’t get rid of it, what? “The fracture was born, therefore. cost

We also found that the choices for home picture printing were high quality or costly or flimsy.

This was a great opportunity to create an inexpensive, beautiful, and sustainable product that allowed people to print images on simple glass parts and hang them comfortably in their living areas.

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We came home for a few years and discovered about one million complicated things, and here we are. The Alachua Florida workshop and offices at Fracture print thousands of pictures and send them all over the globe every week.

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