Free drops its Free WiFi

Free throws in the towel. After quite a few years of good and loyal service, the telecoms giant has decided to put an end to the FreeWiFi adventure, considered obsolete since the advent of 4G.

We almost forget it, but 4G wasn't always there and so there was a time when we could only rely on WiFi to connect us outside of our homes.

Free Drops Its Free Wifi
The Freebox Pop and its decoder

At that time, Internet users had a major advantage over others: free access to the Free WiFi network, access allowing them to stay connected in all circumstances and even when they were (very) far from home.

Free WiFi is over

But since then times have changed. 4G has become more democratic and it is almost present throughout the country, with speeds that make our good old WiFi connections blush with shame.

This trend should not reverse over the coming years, quite the contrary. After years of waiting, 5G is about to settle in France, with the key speeds that will be able to compete with those of this good old fiber.

And indeed, if the Free WiFi network was justified in the 2010s, we can no longer say that it is the case today. Not even that it will be in the next decade. Free has therefore decided to take note of this change in uses and the firm has just announced the end of the Free WiFi network, the Univers Freebox site tells us.

The stop will however be gradual. Subscribers wishing to continue sharing their connection will have to go to the subscriber area, and more specifically to the advanced functions. However, it seems that Freebox Pop and Freebox Delta users can no longer access the option. What we could not however verify on our side since no member of the team has these boxes.

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