Fujitsu Workplace Protect: video presentation of the solution

Fujitsu has long been present in the business sector and the firm has developed a number of solutions designed to appeal to professionals. In the set, there is a very practical tool: the Workplace Protect . A tool in the form of a software suite entirely dedicated to security, with a good dose of biometric data in it. Even that it works pretty well, and you will be able to discover the solution in video a little further in the article.

Workplace Protect is pre-installed on most machines produced by Fujitsu, but it is also possible to download the executable in 32-bit or 64-bit, by going to this address . The tool is very light and there will be no need to wait three pellets before being able to benefit from all its benefits.

Fujitsu Workplace Protect Video Presentation Of The Solution

The suite is structured around three main modules: the connection method , applications and security devices . These are accessible from a navigation bar on the left. It is also at this place that we will find a button leading to the program dashboard, or to its advanced options.

The connection method

The connection method will allow us to define the way in which we want to identify ourselves when the machine is started. It will thus be possible to drop passwords and other patterns in favor of our fingerprints , or a simple smart card . Everything obviously depends on the configuration of the computer.

On the positive side, the tool includes an assistant who will take us by the hand and we will only have to follow the different steps that will appear on the screen. I will not go into the whole procedure (it is explained in detail in the video) but this wizard is well designed and it goes much further than the simple fingerprint identification offered by Windows 8.x.


Two tools are grouped together in this module. The first will allow us to create a database that will group together different passwords. If you've used a password manager before, you should feel right at home.

The encrypted container works exactly like Truecrypt and will therefore allow us to create an encrypted virtual drive and stored… like a simple file. A drive that will be mounted like any other disc, on the express condition that we identify ourselves using our password or our fingerprint.

Safety devices

This is where we will manage our different fingerprints, or where we can set up a facial recognition system. And we will even be entitled to some pretty funny options. For example, it will be possible to ask our computer to lock itself automatically when it no longer detects our face. If necessary, we can even define different profiles, and do a lot of other things as a bonus.

Behind, in the “Security settings” section, we will find other additional options to manage more finely the accesses to the different modules of the suite. I'm not talking about it in the video but if you have the opportunity to get your hands on this sequel, do not hesitate to go snooping on that side.

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