Galaxy Book Go unveiled again

Samsung yesterday unveiled a new collection of lightweight and powerful ultrabooks, the Galaxy Book . They come in four flavors, but none of them look like the Galaxy Book Go that leaked a few weeks before the event .

Well that's normal, since the latter has not yet been presented by the Korean firm.

Galaxy Book Go Unveiled Again
Galaxy Book Go should be announced soon

And while waiting to find out what it has in store for us, we will be able to rinse our eyes with new renderings.

A Galaxy Book Go to drive the point home

Renderings all from the same source, and therefore from our colleague Roland Quandt, the man in charge of the WinFuture site.

By searching on the web, the latter managed to get his hands on several renderings presenting the ultrabook and accompanied by a nice range of technical characteristics.

This information should of course be taken with the usual precautions, but the Galaxy Book Go would thus be equipped with a 14-inch IPS screen capable of displaying Full HD. It would also be necessary to count on a Snapdragon 7c coupled with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage expandable through a micro SD card.

A lightweight configuration and an attractive price

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Book Go would thus be intended mainly for office automation and content consultation, with performance that we imagine measured. On the OS side, we should expect to find Windows 10 Home on board, and more specifically the ARM version of the system.

The price would for its part be contained. The Galaxy Book Go should indeed be offered around € 449 for the base model, which is ultimately quite reasonable for a machine of this ilk. A machine that should be of great help to all those who are telecommuting and looking for a small, versatile machine.

Especially since for this price, we should also expect Dolby Atmos, a weight of 1.39 kg and full connectivity, with resistance to dust and a fingerprint reader. The battery would reach a capacity of 42.3 Wh and it would support 25 W.

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