Galaxy S21: a new variant is coming in 2021?

The Galaxy S21 , which we were able to take in hand , have been available for pre-order since last week. This year, Samsung has once again chosen to split its range into three models. A fourth variant has however just appeared in the database of the venerable Bluetooth SIG.

Is the South Korean giant preparing a new surprise for us? It would appear to be the case.

Galaxy S21: a new variant is coming in 2021?

By digging through the Bluetooth SIG database, our colleagues from GalaxyClub have indeed found a new reference associated with the range. Dubbed SM-G990F, the latter does not fully correspond to the model number of the Galaxy S21 – which is SM-G991X – but it could still be linked to the range.

A Galaxy S21 compatible 4G?

In fact, if we are to believe the hypothesis raised by the GalaxyClub, the SM-G990F is a 4G version of the Galaxy S21.

It should be remembered that while the Galaxy S21 are all three very different from each other – both in terms of diagonal and design – they share the same SoC and the same modem. A modem of course supporting 5G networks.

However, a fourth, more modest variant cannot be ruled out.

While 5G is developing at the moment, not everyone will necessarily use it right away. This standard is in fact limited, for the moment, to large cities. People living in the provinces or in the countryside will not immediately have access to compatible antennas and they will therefore not necessarily have the use of a smartphone supporting them. Not right away anyway, and not for several years.

For those abandoned by 5G

In this context, many do not necessarily understand the interest of turning to a smartphone of this type. Offering a cheaper Galaxy S21 4G could therefore allow Samsung to attract a wider audience.

It should also be noted that if we are to believe the first estimates of analysts, then the Galaxy S21 would sell a little better than their predecessors. There is also a good chance that the lower price granted by the brand has something to do with it, even if the latter is also accompanied by a lot of concessions.

Samsung, for its part, has not confirmed anything. This information should therefore be taken with caution. We do not know the positioning of this variant, or even the name under which it will be marketed.

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