Game of Thrones: a second spin-off in preparation at HBO

Game of Thrones is no more. The series ended in 2019 with a much-maligned eighth season by fans. HBO does not however intend to draw a line on its goose that lays the golden eggs. After House of the Dragon, the American television channel has announced that it is working on a second extremely ambitious spin-off.

It's not a revelation, but Game of Thrones has met with a success that no one anticipated. For eight years, the series inspired by George RR Martin's book series has been one of the most popular shows on the small screen.

Game of Thrones: a second spin-off in preparation at HBO
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However, the adventure ended in 2019 with a final that was a lot, but then really a lot, disappointed. Both in substance and in form.

House of the Dragon won't be Game of Thrones' only spin-off

HBO, for its part, does not seem to want to lose interest in the world of the famous author. Very quickly after the end of Game of Thrones, the channel announced a first spin-off called House of the Dragon . A spin-off that will focus on the history of the House of Targaryens and which will take us several centuries before the events mentioned in the series that you know.

This derivative series will not fall like a hair on the soup and it will be adapted from the book Fire & Blood, signed by the hand of George RR Martin. A point that is important. If you've been following Game of Thrones carefully, then you most certainly must have felt a break from the seventh season, a break mainly related to the series' temporality. The storyline was indeed packed from that moment, which created an imbalance that many of us felt.

This break is mainly due to the fact that the first six seasons of the series aligned with the books of George RR Martin, and therefore with their narrative structure. With the author struggling to wrap his head around, however, the series ended up running out of books and its showrunners were forced to write their own hunger. With their own style.

A series that will focus on the Chronicles of the Knight Errant

With House of the Dragon, the problem shouldn't arise since the book is already written and published.

Still, House of the Dragon would not be the only project HBO is working on. Entertainment Weekly announces that the channel is in the process of developing several projects around the Chronicles of the Knight Errant, a collection made up of three writings set 90 years before the events mentioned in the series.

Writings focusing on the story of Dunk, a knight errant who would actually be Aegon Targaryen. Little information has filtered out, however, and it seems that the channel has not yet chosen its showrunner.

Which also means that filming is not about to start.

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