Game of Thrones will also be entitled to an animated series

Game of Thrones ended in 2019 with an eighth season that was not unanimous, but its universe is not about to leave television. After House of the Dragon and as we saw last week , HBO would indeed be working on another spinoff series project. Yes, well imagine that another project is also underway. This time it would take the form of an animated series.

House of the Dragon, as you probably already know, will come in the form of a prequel and it will thus take place several centuries before the events mentioned in the original series.

Game of Thrones will also be entitled to an animated series
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The story will focus on the birth of House Targaryen and it will stretch over several centuries, which will provide an opportunity to learn a little more about the history of Westeros. A series modeled on the novel Fire & Blood by George RR Martin.

Game of Thrones would be entitled to a second spin-off

The second spin-off has not yet been confirmed by HBO, but according to Entertainment Weekly it should focus on another saga of the author: the Chronicles of the Knight Errant. A collection set 90 years before the events of the series and focusing on a certain Dunk, who would actually be Aegon Targaryen.

However, we should not hope to see it land on the network for several years, the shooting has not even started yet.

We were therefore left there, but it was without counting on Variety which has just added a new stone to the building. Our colleagues expect that HBO will soon announce a second spin-off, which will be presented this time in the form of an animated series. Or a cartoon, if you prefer.

An animated series that we know nothing about

News, on the other hand, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. We do not know anything about the chronology of this series or its history. The only certainty is that it should be broadcast directly on HBO Max.

Disney is not the only one to want a piece of the pie in the streaming market and HBO has also developed its own service, a service that aims high and which should also broadcast a series entirely dedicated to the universe of this good. old Harry Potter . Available only in certain markets at the moment, HBO Max should arrive in France and our European neighbors before next year if all goes well.

We therefore understand the motivations behind this second Game of Thrones spin-of.

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