Getting started with LG G3 review

The LG G3 was officially presented by its manufacturer last month, during a special press conference. It is positioned on the top of the range and it ultimately establishes itself as the new flagship of the South Korean firm. And in fact, LG was extremely kind to send me a test copy earlier in the week. So now is the time to give you my first impressions of what promises to be an exceptional terminal.

Before going any further, be aware that this article is not intended to present all the specific features of the terminal. In reality, this is just a quick start, so the full test will be released next week. So don't hesitate to come back to the area a little later if you feel like it.

Getting Started With Lg G3

The LG G3 boiboite. Didn't you notice it?

Technical characteristics

And we start right away with the technical characteristics of the beast. It might not be the most fun time, but it is a must.

The LG G3 thus embeds a 5.5-inch screen capable of displaying a QHD-type definition , for a resolution of 2560 × 1440 and a pixel density of 538 ppi. It is powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz and coupled to both an Adreno 330 GPU and 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM .

Its manufacturer has effectively declined its new spearhead in two versions, varying according to the RAM and the on-board storage space. On this side, we will therefore have the choice between 16 GB and 32 GB of internal memory , each time with a port capable of accommodating micro SD cards of up to 128 GB.

This point is far from trivial because the LG G2 did not include a port for micro SD cards. It was his only flaw. At least from my point of view.

The photo part is provided by a main sensor of 13 million pixels crowned with stabilized OIS + optics . Alongside it, we will find a dual LED Flash and a laser improving the responsiveness of the autofocus when the ambient light is lacking. The front camera, it will not exceed 2.1 million pixels.

The LG G3 is perfectly capable of capturing videos in 4K at 30 frames per second.

It is not left out in terms of connectivity. In addition to 802.11ac WiFi, it will thus be possible to count on a Bluetooth 4.0 LE chip, a GPS chip, NFC, DLNA and compatibility with 4G / LTE networks. And a 3000 mAh battery as a bonus.

Price side, well the bugger is offered at 579.99 euros at Expansys . Be careful though because this is a pre-order since it will not be released until next month.

Getting Started With Lg G3 1

The LG G3 seen from the front. We hardly see the borders framing his screen.

Design & Ergonomics

The LG G3 obviously looks a lot like its predecessor, with a few notable tweaks.

Starting with its hull. To cut short the debate, know that the latter does not contain any metallic particles. In reality, LG opted for a simple plastic shell, covered with a texture imitating brushed aluminum.

The advantage of this configuration is that the terminal is ultimately very light, despite its 5.5-inch screen.

It is not its only asset, moreover. The borders surrounding its screen are also extremely thin, or even extremely thin. Result of the races, the screen is really highlighted. The screen, and the image displayed of course.

All the physical buttons of the LG G3 are grouped together at the back of the device, in the extension of its photo module. This is where we will find the two buttons dedicated to volume control, but also the power button. Here again, plastic is essential.

Above, we will find the optics and the main sensor of the device, necessarily, but also its double LED Flash (on the right) and its laser (on the left). Contrary to what one might think, the latter is not just a simple marketing argument. The G3 is very quick to focus, even in difficult light environments. He even comes out with all the honors on this ground.

The headphone jack and the connector for charging and data transfer are both located on the bottom edge of the device. On the other side, on the top, we will find an infrared port.

Unlike the previous model, the LG G3's shell and battery are removable. They will have to be removed to access the SIM card port and the micro SD card port . This configuration will allow us to change the battery on the fly.

Getting Started With Lg G3 2

The LG G3 from behind. It's hard not to think of your predecessor.

First Impressions

Some of you may know this, but the LG G2 was one of my biggest favorites of the past year. This is probably why I was a little worried about taking over his successor. I was actually very afraid of being disappointed, or even of being hungry.

I'm still missing a bit of perspective, that's for sure, but the LG G3 made a good impression on me. A very good impression even. Its finishes are neat, its screen is monumental and it is capable of achieving real feats in terms of photo and video.

So much for this first getting started article. If you have any questions, do not deprive yourself of them because the comments are used for just that. And we leave with the little video shot by me the day before yesterday, just a few minutes after receiving the package from the courier.

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