Getting started with Misfit Flash review

Misfit made a name for himself with the Shine and the Shine is still used today by millions of people around the world. Far from resting on its achievements, the manufacturer launched last September a new electronic coach that is both more basic and more affordable. The Flash , that's its name, has been with me for a few days now and the time has come to give you my first impressions of it.

You must know the song by now. As for the SmartWatch 3 and the LG G Watch R, only the handling of the Flash will be published on the . The full test will actually be uploaded to Machineo next week so don't hesitate to drop by there in a few days to get your hands on it.

Getting Started With Misfit Flash

The box of the Misfit Flash. That's useful description, right?

Technical characteristics

Before going any further, and as usual, we will start by looking at the technical characteristics of the beast. Rest assured because this is not what will take us the most time. An activity tracker is a bit more basic than a phone or a camera.

The Flash is made entirely of polycarbonate and it also has no screen. However, its manufacturer had the good idea to integrate colored LEDs on its front face to allow us to more easily follow our activity. Obviously difficult not to think of the Shine since the latter offers exactly the same thing.

To understand our movements, the device will be based on an accelerometer operating on three axes , and on a set of algorithms developed by the firm. Under the hood, we will also find a Bluetooth 4.1 chip so that we can synchronize our data with the mobile application provided for the occasion. Not surprisingly, he will be able to count our steps, to determine the number of calories burned each day.

Sleep analysis will also be part of the game.

Relatively compact (28.5 x 8 x 28.5 mm), the Misfit Flash weighs no more than 6 grams on the scale. It does not have a battery and it works with a CR2032 battery, for an estimated autonomy of around 6 months. Ah and it can also resist water, and even descend to a depth of 30 meters without exploding.

But the best asset of Flash is its price since it is offered at $ 49.99.

Getting Started With Misfit Flash 1

Yes, it is indeed a Christmas tree behind.

Design & Ergonomics

If you've ever had the Shine in your hands, then for sure, it's not the Flash that will disorient you.

It looks like two drops of water like its big brother and it thus appears in the form of a rather thick plastic macaroon . The finishes are neat, even if they are a bit less impressive than those of the previous tracker from Misfit. No wonder that since they don't play in the same category. Not at all, even.

The surface of the Flash is not tactile. In reality, the entire upper part of the device forms a button. It will therefore be necessary to push it in to see the LEDs light up.

Misfit has not done things by halves and the coach's box contains a lot of things. Apart from the sensor, we will thus find a quick start guide, a plastic strap and an accessory allowing you to pin the device to the lapel of a jacket, or to a pocket. Positive point, the latter will also allow us to transform the Flash into a keychain.

I don't know if you've read the Shine review posted on Machineo, but I was quite disappointed with the accessories that came with it. The main problem was that the plastic fastening system tended to loosen over the weeks.

The manufacturer has completely revised his copy here. The structure maintaining the Flash is less flexible, more rigid. The module will therefore be held firmly and the bracelet has less risk of slackening. That's quite a good thing, especially since it's still comfortable to wear.

The Flash is a rather pretty product to look at, but we are still very far from what the Shine offers. The latter literally blew me away when I took it out of its little box, and I didn't feel the same here.

Getting Started With Misfit Flash 2

The Misfit logo reminds me of something but I can't seem to find what it is.

In conclusion

If you like super complete electronic coaches with display, pedometer, altimeter, heart rate monitor and everything in between, then the Flash is sure to disappoint you. Misfit wanted to create the most basic and accessible product possible to overshadow its competitors and reach a new audience.

On this side, the bet seems rather respected, but I think that the manufacturer could have made a little effort for the price. In any case, that's the impression the Flash gives me after a few days. For the moment, therefore, I am not completely seduced but that can still change.

We end with the video that goes well. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

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