Getting started with the Huawei Honor 6 review

Huawei hit hard last month when it announced the arrival of the Honor 6 in France. The best thing in history is that the manufacturer has opted for an extremely aggressive price positioning and its terminal is thus offered under the symbolic bar of 300 €. Not bad, of course, and some of you might be wondering what he offers for that price.

That's good enough because the rascal has been with me for a few days now and the time has come to make the introductions. So if you want to know more about it, then you've come to the right place.

Getting Started With The Huawei Honor 6

But be careful because this article is not a test. Far from it, and it is ultimately more of a grip. Chance does things well since that is precisely what its title indicates. However, be aware that a second more comprehensive article will be published next week. So don't hesitate to come back to the area a little later.

Technical characteristics

As usual, I will start by briefly recalling the technical characteristics of the beast story that everyone has them well in mind. I know it's a bit silly, and not necessarily very exciting, but you have to go through it.

The Honor 6 does not have much to envy the competition in this field. It has a 5-inch screen capable of displaying Full HD 1080p type definition , for a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and a pixel density of 445 ppi. It is powered by a Kirin 920 processor made up of eight cores. Be careful, however, not to rub your hands because the manufacturer has opted for a big.LITTLE type architecture.

What does it mean ? Quite simply that these eight hearts will not work simultaneously. The slower four cores (Cortex A7) will take care of the smallest tasks while the quickest four cores (Cortex A15) will activate as soon as you launch a greedy game or a big video.

Behind, it will also be necessary to count on a GPU Mali T628 and on 3 GB of RAM .

The storage space is between 16 GB and 32 GB depending on the model, but it will be possible to expand it anyway through the onboard micro SD card port. The only downside is that the latter can only accept cards up to 64 GB.

The photo part is based on a Sony Exmor RS sensor of 13 million pixels and on a front camera of 5 million pixels . Not bad, especially for selfie enthusiasts. WiFi is naturally there, as is Bluetooth 4.0 LE and all the usual odds and ends.

Yes, but the best is yet to come and the Honor 6 also has the good idea of being compatible with 4G + type networks, for a theoretical speed of up to 300 Mbps. Ah, and it supports all French frequencies, of course.

And all this for less than 300 €. I don't know what you think but it's still hard to find better now, right?

Getting Started With The Huawei Honor 6 1Getting Started With The Huawei Honor 6 2

Design & Ergonomics

Frankly and as I explain in my video, basically, I thought I would come across a phone with modest, or even questionable, finishes. And that was not the case at all.

If the Honor 6 is still less pretty than an iPhone 6 (although) or an Xperia Z3, it is not ugly to look at. Huawei has also opted for fairly noble materials since the terminal consists of two glass plates placed on each side. The whole thing is firmly held by a plastic border imitating quite well brushed aluminum.

No metal, therefore, but this is not surprising given its pricing position.

It's pretty funny, but the terminal is very reminiscent of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. In all cases, the finishes are exemplary. Nothing moves and all the parts are perfectly assembled.

The front of the device has no physical button, or even the brand logo. It's rare enough to be noted. However, you just have to turn it over to come face to face with the name of its range. The photo module is located in the upper left corner, alongside a dual LED Flash.

The usual three buttons (power on, volume +, volume-) are placed on the right edge, upwards. With a hatch a little further, to access the SIM card and the micro SD card . The latter tends to be forgotten, which is quite a good thing, but it is not easy to open. Well, not if you have short nails, which is precisely my case.

The Honor 6 is quite compact, and it can be handled with one hand without too many contortions. The only doubt I have concerns the glass plates. They do appear to be very sensitive to scratches and fingerprints. Huawei, however, had the good idea to accompany its terminal with two plastic films. One for each side.

While we're talking about it, know that the Honor 6 comes with all the usual accessories: the quick start guide, the synchronization cable, a power adapter and a hands-free kit. I haven't had a chance to test the latter yet so I can't tell you much more about it, unfortunately.

Getting Started With The Huawei Honor 6 3Getting Started With The Huawei Honor 6 4

First Impressions

Does the Honor 6 offer the finishes of an HTC M8? No, of course, and that's pretty normal since we're talking about a phone offered below the € 300 mark. At this price, we should obviously not expect aluminum and materials from sick, but that does not mean that Huawei has done in the "low cost" either.

In reality, this is not even the case at all and this is precisely what surprised me when I started playing with the device.

What about its raw performance, then? I haven't taken any measurements yet and you'll have to wait for the review to be published to learn more about these topics. Moreover, if you have any questions or if there are points that you want me to explore, please do not hesitate to leave a little comment following this article.

I end with the video which is going well.

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