Getting started with the Orange Airbox Auto 4G review

Orange presented a pretty amazing new device last May . The Airbox Auto 4G , that's its name, takes the form of a 4G router designed… for our cars. Fun, isn't it? Of course, the operator was extremely kind to lend me one for the holidays, with a suitable package.

Not everyone necessarily knows it, but Orange has invested a lot of money to extend its infrastructure to the busiest roads.

Getting Started With The Orange Airbox Auto 4g

The Airbox Auto and its brochure.

So of course, 4G is not yet present on all highways but the operator intends to continue its efforts in this direction and this is obviously very good news for holidaymakers, but also for all people who spend their time. life on the road.

Orange wants to connect the motorways of France

As mentioned above, the Airbox Auto is actually a router designed for the car. And be careful because it is extremely easy to use.

After removing it from its box, you will need to insert your SIM card in the slot dedicated for this purpose, under the hatch at the front. You will then have to gently push the device into the cigarette lighter of your car (12V) before switching it on by pressing its single button. It will then only need a handful of seconds to deploy a WiFi network through the vehicle.

On your side, all you have to do is configure it on your computers and mobile terminals by selecting the right network and entering the key provided.

The operator also fitted the machine with an LED placed around the power button. It will give you an overview of its status and you will know immediately if it has managed to connect to 3G or 4G.

Need to charge your phone? No problem, it is also equipped with a USB socket.

Want to take control of it? All you have to do is enter its IP address in the browser of your terminal and you will then find yourself facing its management interface. Hard to be simpler, right?

I have not yet had the opportunity to test the Airbox Auto on the French highways – my vacation falls in August – but I find the device rather fun and well done. However, I would have liked to be able to use it outside my vehicle.

If the adventure tempts you, know that the machine is available on the operator's website at this address . The product alone is offered at 74.90 euros but you can get it for 44.90 euros with a Let's Go package without commitment. Ah, and if you are an Orange customer, then you will be entitled to a 30 euros rebate.

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