Getting started with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung made quite a splash at IFA 2014 last September. Logical, since he took advantage of the event to lift the veil on two new phablets. The Galaxy Note 4, of course, but also a rather … atypical variation. Because indeed, the Galaxy Note Edge does not look like any other terminal. And for good reason, since its screen continues its course on the right edge of the device. Strange, isn't it?

Certainly, and that's ultimately what made me want to test it. He has been with me for a few days now and the time has come to share my first impressions with you.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Note Edge box.

First of all, know that this article is only a quick start. A more complete test will be published in the coming days. For the moment, I will therefore focus on the technical sheet of the device and its ergonomics.

Technical characteristics

If you come by regularly, then you probably already know the song. Before going any further, it is important to recall the technical characteristics of the beast. Just to refresh our memories.

The Galaxy Note Edge therefore has a 5.6-inch Super AMOLED screen capable of displaying a QHD type definition , and therefore 2560 × 1440. The part placed on the edge of the device measures the same height, with a width of 160 pixels.

Behind, we must also count on a processor consisting of four cores clocked at 2.7 GHz , with 3 GB of RAM and something like 32 GB of storage. It is obviously possible to add a micro SD card (128 GB max) to go even further, which should not surprise many people. And especially not you, in fact.

The photo part is based on a main sensor of 16 million pixels surmounted by stabilized optics. We are also entitled to a front camera of 3.7 million pixels as a bonus.

802.11 ac WiFi is obviously part of the game, as is Bluetooth 4.1 and NFC. With a 3000 mAh battery as a bonus. As strange as it may sound, the Note Edge makes do with a micro USB 2.0 port and it doesn't support DLNA.

On the price side, you will have to spend no less than € 829 to enjoy it. Technology comes at a price.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 1

Still the Note Edge box. Crazy?

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 2

A view of the different accessories available: hands-free kit, charger, documentation, etc.

Design & Ergonomics

The Galaxy Note Edge surprises first by its size. It is indeed very massive and this impression is undoubtedly reinforced by this famous rounded border on the right. It actually extends the field of vision and the terminal suddenly seems wider than it really is.

In reality, this border has the annoying tendency to break its lines. He is unbalanced, and a time to adapt is obviously necessary to feel at home.

In terms of materials, the Note Edge is entitled to a metal frame and a plastic shell . It is suddenly very light in the hand, and it will have no trouble being forgotten when you slip it into your pocket. Rather positive, then. However, Samsung has chosen to cover the back of its shell with a texture imitating… human skin.

Well, in reality, it is supposed to recall leather but we must admit that the effect is quite disturbing. Good point, however, the shell is completely removable and the same goes for the battery. The manufacturer also had the presence of mind to place the micro SD port in a very accessible clearance.

The ergonomics of the device are upset by the presence of this tactile border. The two buttons devoted to the volume control therefore switch to the left edge and they will thus fall under our thumb.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is quite different for the power button which is found on the upper edge, near the headphone jack and the infra-red port.

The micro USB connector, for its part, is placed on the lower edge, of course, and therefore not very far from the stylus housing.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 3

From the front, the Note Edge is a little unbalanced with its funny edge.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 4

We immediately recognize the paw of the manufacturer of course.

First Impressions

I will be very honest with you. The latest products presented by Samsung did not convince me. Worse, I even find that the firm has relied too much on its achievements recently and we have to believe that its latest financial results have proven me right.

However, one would have to be blind not to realize that she is up to something. I am thinking in particular of all the rumors surrounding its next flagship, and therefore the Galaxy S6.

What does this have to do with the Note Edge? I think it marks a real turning point. For the first time in a long time, Samsung has sought to give life to a unique and atypical phone. A phone unlike any other.

Basically, and like a lot of people, I thought that this screen folded over the edge was only a simple technical demonstration. But after a few hours spent with the terminal, I'm not so sure. No, because in the end, it might just be more useful than you think.

I end with the video I filmed before the weekend. I have already started to work on my test but you will have to be patient because I will be quite busy this week with Microsoft TechDays.

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