Getting started with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

Samsung organized a special evening last night to present its latest news, and more specifically its new touch tablets: the very famous Galaxy Tab S. Despite the crowd, the nudges and sneaky attacks from other bloggers and journalists present on site , yours truly had the opportunity to play for a few seconds with the two models. And we start right away with a quick grip on the smaller of the two, the very compact Galaxy Tab S 8.4 . With a bonus video.

Usually, my handling is followed by more complete tests, with lots of words, a few photos and videos as a bonus. I don't know if that will be the case here. I still have the LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z2 test on the go, so it might be tense enough to deal with those two extra slates.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8 4

The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 on its pedestal.

Technical characteristics

As usual, we will attack directly with the technical specifications of the beast.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 first surprises with its screen. With a diagonal of 8.4 inches , it is capable of displaying a resolution of 1600 × 2560 , for a pixel density of 360 ppi. It takes advantage of Super AMOLED technology, with very good color rendering even if the lighting in the room did not do it justice.

The tablet is powered by an Exynos 5 processor consisting of eight cores, or rather four cores clocked at 1.9 GHz and four cores clocked at 1.3 GHz. They are supported by 3 GB of RAM . Basically, therefore, it will be able to run any title without difficulty and it will be perfectly able to manage video streams in high definition.

The storage space is fixed at 16 GB , with a port capable of accommodating micro SD cards up to 128 GB . You won't necessarily be able to fit all of your shows and movies, but you should still have some fun.

Behind, well the beautiful also integrates an 8 million pixel sensor, a 2.1 million pixel front camera and all the usual connectivity with WiFi ac, Bluetooth 4.0 and a 4990 mAh battery as a bonus.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8 4 1

The front of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8 4 2

Always the same physical / sensitive buttons.

Design & Ergonomics

From the front, the Galaxy Tab S 8.4 looks like all of the company's latest tablets. However, it suffices to turn it over, obviously delicately, to understand that it is not. It is closer to the Galaxy S5 with this famous dot texture.

Samsung isn't really famous for the aesthetics of its products, that's a fact, but the little one does quite well in the end, and its white version is even quite pretty to look at.

Otherwise, the brand logo is on the front of the tablet, above its screen and near the front camera and the usual detectors. Under the screen, we will find a “home” button concealing a fingerprint reader, with two sensitive buttons on each side. The first to access multitasking, the second to go back. If you've ever had a manufacturer's terminal in your hands, there's little chance you'll feel lost.

The left edge of the device has no buttons or any hatches. Unlike the right side which includes the power button, the two buttons devoted to volume control, the Micro USB socket and a hatch allowing access to the micro SD port.

Otherwise, well the rascal is quite compact and rather light. It is perfectly possible to hold it with one hand without breaking the knuckles.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8 4 3

The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 side view.

Getting Started With The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8 4 4

The Galaxy Tab S 8.4 seen from the back.

First Impressions

They're pretty good, actually. I had the opportunity to test a few tablets built by Samsung in the past and this Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is frankly on the top of the basket. I even think it's the coolest portable tablet ever produced by the company.

So it's true, the plastic is still in the game, but it remains a beautiful object nonetheless.

Obviously, there remains the question of the ecosystem, and therefore of the overlay. A lot of people think of the on-board fingerprint reader as a gimmick. I am not of this opinion and if we associate it with Knox 2.0, then we obtain a rather coherent solution and which could perfectly find its place in the professional, or in company. Afterwards, I unfortunately do not have enough perspective to judge its interest so if you have an opinion on the subject, do not hesitate to come forward.

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