Getting started with the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet review

Sony did not arrive empty-handed at the last Mobile World Congress. If the Japanese manufacturer took advantage of the event to lift the veil on the new flagship of its fleet, it also presented a new touchscreen tablet: the Xperia Z2 Tablet , also referred to as the Xperia Z2 tablet. And precisely, the latter is present during the evening organized by the firm last night in Paris. So I had the opportunity to take it in hand and here is the story of this astonishing experience.

Small precision before starting. This handling will not be exhaustive. Dozens of people were in attendance at the Sony party and they were all coming for the same thing, so we ended up having little time to have fun with the products on display. However, I will try to have the tablet on loan a little later, so we will probably have the opportunity to talk about it again in the coming weeks.

Getting Started With The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet seen from the front. With its very imposing borders.

Technical characteristics

We take the same and start again. In order to look at the lines of the beauty, we will begin by recalling its characteristics in order to refresh our memory a little. Especially since its technical sheet amply deserves it since it makes no compromises. In fact, the Z2 tablet even benefits from all the latest innovations on the market.

  • 10.1 inch screen.
  • Full HD 1080p type definition.
  • Triluminos, X-Reality and LED Live Color technologies.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz.
  • GPU Adreno 330.
  • 3 GB of RAM.
  • 16 GB of storage space, micro SD card slot (64 GB maximum).
  • 8.1 MP Exmor RS sensor.
  • Front camera of 2.2 million pixels.
  • Compatibility with 3G or 4G type networks (for certain models).
  • 6000 mAh battery.
  • Dimensions: 172 x 266 x 6.4 mm.
  • Weight: 439 grams.
  • Android 4.4.
  • Price: from 490 €.

Like an air of deja vu? This is perfectly normal because apart from the screen size and battery size, these are exactly the same specs as the Z2. The phone, eh.

The LED Live Color, as its name suggests, is a new technology imagined by Sony, a technology that aims to improve color rendering by sticking as closely as possible to reality. And this in all possible light conditions. Even that it works very well. The screen of the tablet is as stunning as that of the smartphone and, again, we take a real visual slap. Only downside, the field of vision seems less ample than that of the telephone, but this perhaps came from the lighting of the room where the slates were exposed.

The Snapdragon 801, for its part, seems to be doing its job well. The Xperia Z2 tablet is extremely responsive. However, I have not had the opportunity to run greedy games on it, so I will have to wait for Sony to lend me a model to find out what it is worth in the field.

Otherwise, for the record, and although I have already explained in my article on the Z2 , the Snapdragon 801 consists of a processor Krait 400 32-bit composed of four hearts, Adreno 330 GPU of and '' a modem compatible with 4G / LTE networks . Qualcomm has increased the frequency of the chips to increase the computing power of its SoC, and the latter is therefore supposed to perform even better than its predecessor.

And autonomy? Impossible to say on such a quick grip, but between the 6000 mAh battery and STAMINA mode, I would tend to be rather confident.

Getting Started With The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet 1

The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet in hand. It is extremely light and can be held with one hand without any problem.

Design & Ergonomics

Some of you may not know it, but the Z2 is not a tablet like any other. In fact, it is one of the thinnest slates on the market, with a thickness of no more than 6.4mm. For comparison, the iPad Air does not drop below 7.5mm.

And it's really very impressive, especially when you know that the slate is completely waterproof. It can thus withstand dust , splashing water and even immersions provided that it does not exceed a meter depth, for a period of half an hour. No, we really wonder where Sony found room to cram the components and the gaskets.

The other side of the coin is that the borders around the terminal screen are really wide. Maybe too much, even. The good thing about it is that you won't have any trouble getting to grips with it.

Apart from that, the Z2 tablet is really very pretty to look at with a beautiful dark shell (or light, it depends on the models since the beautiful one comes in black or white) and aluminum borders that inspire confidence. The finishes are perfect and you know straight away that you are dealing with a decidedly high-end product.

The main buttons of the tablet are integrated on the left edge. This is where we will find the power button and the two buttons dedicated to volume control. The headphone jack and connector are on the lower edge while all the hatches are on the other side. Traps that conceal the SD card port , the SIM card port or the Micro USB socket . Needless to say, it would be better to remember to close them before submerging the terminal.

Getting Started With The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet 2

The back of the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is matte, but it attracts fingerprints very easily.

First Impressions

At the risk of surprising you, touch tablets and me, it's not really that. I fully understand the enthusiasm they arouse, but I personally prefer a phablet to a slate for relaxation and for viewing content. And for work? There, it is rather the ultrabook which retains my preference when having to go to a client, or cover an event. I'm obviously not saying it's the ideal solution, just that it's the one that's right for me.

However, the Xperia Z2 Tablet still made a good impression on me. Its screen even amazed me, apart from these huge borders that frame it. Even if it means choosing, I would have preferred a less thin tablet, and more compact in length and width.

Interestingly, Sony wanted to focus on accessories and if we will obviously have the right to the wireless keyboard to transform it into an ultra-portable computer, we will also be able to count on a docking station which will transform it into a HiFi system. extra, with a remote control to control it from the sofa. One product, and several uses in short.

A message from François: The finesse, the finesse! And therefore the weight. It's lighter than a primary manual, the edges are ultimately not that restrictive, on the contrary it's a plus for the grip of the tablet. One of the most powerful tablets on the market, and one of the thinnest. Hat. Well done Sony!

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