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Making Learning Fun with Gimkit

Learning new information doesn’t have to be boring. With tools like Gimkit, students can practice vocabulary, spelling, and other English language skills in a fun and engaging quiz game format. This article will explore creative ways to use Gimkit to liven up learning in the classroom or at home.

Turn Vocabulary into a Competition

One excellent way to use Gimkit is to reinforce vocabulary words. Teachers can create custom quizzes based on vocabulary lists or textbooks. Students then race to answer multiple choice questions correctly as quickly as possible to earn points. The competitive format engages students and motivates them to actively recall the definitions and usages of new words. Rather than passively reading a list, they are participating in a high-energy game where their speed and accuracy matters. The student with the most points at the end wins!Introducing Cosmetics! — Gimkit Blog

Let Students Show Off Spelling Skills

Spelling is another academic skill that can be practiced via Gimkit. Teachers input a list of words, phrases, or glossary terms that students will be tested on. In the game, students must correctly spell these words/phrases in order to progress and get points. This is a fun way for students to show off their memorization and spelling prowess. For extra engagement, the teacher can designate teams so students are collaboratively working together towards a common goal. Correctly spelled words earn points for their team!

Customize the Difficulty

One advantage of Gimkit is the ability to customize quiz settings to control the difficulty level. For example, you can:

  • Require exact spelling versus just correct first letters
  • Set a timer to add pressure
  • Allow skipping versus requiring each question to be answered
  • Limit attempts allowed on each question

Based on the needs of the class, teachers can increase or decrease the challenge. If students are struggling, loosen the requirements so they can build confidence. For advanced students, tighten the settings to keep them on their toes!

Learn Through Repetition

Gimkit Add Fun Educational Games To Your Classroom, 54% OFFGimkit is designed to repeatedly quiz students on the same material in different ways. This repetition helps reinforce lessons on English words, questions, and answers. The more times students see, spell, and hear the correct vocabulary or phrases, the better they will retain them. Teachers can track which material students struggle with and re-test them on those specific concepts. Repeated practice and exposure, especially in an engaging game format, leads to mastery.

Make Any Subject Fun

While vocabulary and spelling are obvious topics to practice on Gimkit, creativity is encouraged! With custom quizzes, any school subject can become a game. Teachers can input questions on math formulas, science definitions, history facts, literature concepts, and more. Students will be so focused on the competitive game dynamics that they may not even realize how much they are learning! The platform makes studying any subject more enjoyable.Gimkit - live learning game show


Gimkit empowers teachers to take core English and academic concepts and transform them into entertaining quiz games. Students will beg to practice spelling, vocabulary, questions, and answers when they are in an exciting, fast-paced game format versus traditional paper worksheets. Gimkit allows learning to happen through competition, teamwork, repetition, and fun. Engaged students are learning students, so consider bringing Gimkit into your classroom today!




**1. What is Gimkit?**

Gimkit is a free game-based learning platform created by teachers for the classroom. It transforms traditional academic content into fun, immersive learning games.

**2. How does Gimkit work?**

Students join a live game pin provided by the teacher. They then race to answer multiple choice questions correctly and quickly to earn points. It combines knowledge, strategy, and gimkit skin tier list : r/gimkit

**3. What subjects can you use Gimkit for?**

Gimkit can be used to review material for any subject – math, science, English, history, foreign language, etc. Teachers can create custom quizzes or use pre-made content.

**4. Is Gimkit free?**

Yes, Gimkit has a free version educators can use with unlimited students. There is also a paid Gimkit Pro subscription with additional features.

**5. Can students play Gimkit at home?**

Yes! Teachers can use “assignments” in Gimkit to assign games as homework. Students can then login and play Gimkit solo at their own pace.

**6. Does Gimkit work on all devices?**

Gimkit is fully web-based and optimized for any device – laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. There are also Gimkit apps available.

**7. How do you win at Gimkit?**

Winning requires a combination of speed, accuracy, strategy and knowledge. The student with the most points at the end wins, so answering correctly and quickly is key!

**8. Is Gimkit appropriate for all ages?**

Gimkit can be used from elementary school through college and adult learning. Teachers can customize the content to suit their educational needs.



How can i create a gimkit kit for my classroom


Here are some tips for creating a Gimkit kit for your classroom:

Sign Up for a Free Gimkit Account

  • Go to and click “Sign Up” to create your teacher account. Make sure to use your school email address.

Create Classes

  • In your Gimkit dashboard, create classes and add your students to them. This will make assigning and tracking games easier.

Build Kits

  • Click “Create Kit” and choose the class it’s for. Enter a title and subject.
  • Add multiple choice questions and answers. You can upload questions bulk via a spreadsheet.
  • Customize settings like time limit, skipping, attempts allowed, etc.

Adjust Settings

  • Set kits to “Private” while you build them. Make them “Public” when ready to assign.
  • Enable “Practice Mode” so students can rehearse at their own pace.

Assign Games

  • Use the “Assignments” feature to schedule games for classes to complete.
  • Students can play assignments solo or you can host a live game.
  • See reports on student performance to track progress.

Explore Content

  • Browse the Gimkit question bank or kits shared by other teachers. Clone and customize them.
  • Join the Gimkit teacher community forums for inspiration and ideas.

With some practice, you’ll be creating engaging Gimkit kits in no time! Let the classroom games begin.