Good news for Netflix users on Android

Netflix seems to want to brush Android users in the right direction. The streaming giant has indeed just rolled out a new version of its application, a version which brings xHE-AAC and which will therefore improve sound quality.

First of all, know that not everyone will be able to benefit from this new format. It will indeed be necessary to have a device under Android 9 at least to be entitled.

Good news for Netflix users on Android

The format set up does not actually support previous versions of the platform.

Better for Netflix sound

If you meet this criterion, then you won't have to do anything on your end and just update the Netflix app to take advantage of this new format. Good point besides, the audio quality will not only be improved when your phone is connected via WiFi, but also when you access Netflix from your cellular network.

This is an important detail, with xHE-AAC, the application will be able to modulate the bitrate reserved for audio tracks. In other words, if the app detects that your connection is slowing down, the bitrate will drop to avoid lag.

This will result in a drop in the quality of the audio.

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A bitrate that will modulate

It will be recalled, moreover, that Netflix also proceeds in the same way for the video stream. When the connection shows signs of weakness, the bitrate is reduced to maintain fluidity. The image then loses finesse.

Still, the introduction of xHE-AAC should be of great interest to those who have taken up the habit of watching Netflix in their bed, finally from the moment they have a phone that follows the road.

To perceive the differences, you will indeed need good speakers, something that unfortunately not all smartphones on the market.

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