Good news, the 2021 MacBook Air battery is individually replaceable

The eco-friendly approach of the MacBook Air isn't limited to its recycled aluminum chassis. Apple, which announced during its last Keynote the launch of a new MacBook Air benefiting from a chassis entirely cast from recycled aluminum chips, has decided to extend this (a little) more environmentally friendly approach to other parts of his new laptop .

MacRumors , who managed to get their hands on an internal repair guide dedicated to the 2018 MacBook Air, explains that the device's battery can now be replaced individually. A notable progress for the firm at the Apple, since the change of the battery on all MacBook and MacBook Pro sold since 2012, required the systematic replacement of the entire upper part of the case, keyboard and trackpad included.

Good news, the 2021 MacBook Air battery is individually replaceable

Apple is going the extra mile on the repairability of its products. The firm notably announced that the battery of its MacBook Air 2018 would be replaceable independently of the rest of the device.

An aberration caused by the very design of Apple products with Retina panels. Their battery is indeed stuck to the point of becoming integral with the top of the shell including the keyboard and trackpad . A part which, on many ultra-laptops, acts as a “cover” to the chassis, and which must be removed to access the components. On the new MacBook Air, Apple is not changing the formula, but has obviously calmed down a bit on the glue … while providing better tools to its staff.

Efforts noted by iFixit, but which do not allow the MacBook Pro to do much better than its predecessors in terms of repairability

If the MacBook Air battery is still stuck to the upper part of the shell, the latter is only stuck through “ 6 easy-to-remove adhesive strips ”, explain the experts at iFixit , who took the terminal apart. shortly after the publication of the MacRumors article. We also learn that the official Apple repairers will be equipped with specific tools to gently remove the 49.9 Wh battery from the MacBook Air, without being forced to get rid of other parts.

An improvement that iFixit notes, but which does not prevent Apple's new laptop from collecting the painful score of 3/10 in the repairability index. Specialists on the site highlight in particular the easy access to many components (also described as “modular”). Unfortunately, replacing the battery cannot be done without first removing the motherboard and the speakers from the device. Another stumbling block for iFixit, the impossibility of upgrading the MacBook Air (the RAM, for example is soldered to the motherboard), and the difficulty of replacing the butterfly keyboard, however very fragile , and therefore likely to count among the first parts to need to be changed.

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