Google Chrome: extensions allowing cryptocurrency mining are now prohibited

Google is not joking about extensions for Chrome and it has made it known by outright banning all plugins allowing cryptocurrency mining on its browser.

Chrome is doing quite well and a simple glance at the latest figures put forward by NetMarketShare is enough to realize it. In March, Chrome totaled more than 61% of market share on the desktop part, against 12.20% for Internet Explorer, 10.52% for Firefox and 4.46% for Microsoft Edge.

Google Chrome Extensions Allowing Cryptocurrency Mining Are Now Prohibited

The difference is even more marked on the mobile part since Chrome this time held 65.12% of market share, against 26.30% for Safari and about 1.55% for Opera Mini.

Google has a grudge against cryptocurrency miners

Google therefore occupies a prominent place in the market and the American giant intends to keep control of the sector.

If you have been following the news of the past few months, then you are no doubt aware that cryptocurrency miners have experienced resounding success following the publication of a script proposed by Coinhive. Several sites have indeed set up this piece of program to monetize their audience.

At the same time, malicious people have also tried to disseminate these minors on certain sites by relying on infected campaigns disseminated through secondary advertising networks and malware entirely dedicated to the thing has also been identified by the security firms. .

Advertising networks were not the only ones affected, however, and developers had the idea of integrating cryptocurrency miners into Chrome extensions in order to supplement their end of the month and put a little butter in their spinach. .

90% of dedicated extensions did not respect the terms of use set by Google

Faced with the situation, Google has therefore decided to make drastic changes to the conditions of use of its browser and to ban all tools of this type.

Basically, the firm authorized these tools under certain conditions.

To have the right to offer such an extension on the Chrome Web Store, the developers of the tool had to inform their users of its operation. However, in fact, 90% of such tools violated this simple rule and Google therefore made the decision to crack down and ban all cryptocurrency miners on its store.

In order to ensure proper compliance with this new rule, Google has also set up new detection algorithms entirely designed for these extensions.

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