Google Drive: new on Windows and OS X

Google Drive is used by millions of people around the world. Even my dentist can't do without it. My baker, she prefers OneDrive and I sincerely hope that they will never cross paths because they could quickly come to blows, for once. Still, if you use the platform yourself, then there is a good chance that these few lines will grab your attention.

Google did roll out a client update earlier this week, available on Windows and OS X , with many improvements to boot.

Google Drive New On Windows And Os X

There is new for Google Drive on Windows and OS X.

The firm took the opportunity to review the appearance of its context menu, and the items displayed.

A new interface for the Google Drive client, and a few more options

A glance upwards will suffice to find out the space occupied by our files. A little further down, we will find two buttons allowing to open the Google Drive folder, or to go directly to the web version of the service. The last synchronized files will appear in a row, in the form of a dynamic list.

Need to quickly share a file with your favorite colleague? No problem, you just have to position the mouse cursor on the element of your choice and then click on the small button placed completely on the right. A button representing a nice little man. There, all you have to do is enter the address of your contacts to create the share.

As happiness never comes alone, Google also took the opportunity to cram new options into the preferences of the application. In particular, you can restrict the bandwidth used by Drive in a few clicks, by going to the dedicated tab.

If these novelties do not appear with you, it is not dramatic. Just go here to download the latest version of the client.

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