Google is testing Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook

Google has been testing its new operating system called “ OS Fuchsia ” for over a year. During all this time, the net giant has kept the mystery around the said system. No detailed information has been released to date. The Mountain View firm has however just published a guide dedicated to developers who want to download the Fuchsia system on the Pixelbook.

The Fuchsia Github has indeed just been added a new page where detailed explanations are posted on the procedure to install the Fuchsia OS on the new Google Chromebook. This is probably an experiment, but the group did not give any details on the subject.

Google Is Testing Fuchsia Os On The Pixelbook

For now, Fuchsia appears more as a development platform than a possible alternative to the traditional Android and Chrome OS.

OS Fuchsia, Google's secret project

For some reason, Google has maintained a great mystery around the Fuchsia OS. No information has been revealed in a year, apart from some very terse indications.

Nothing has filtered, whether on its use or even its interface. Until this famous test on the Google Pixelbook, a test allowing at least to have proof of the existence of this operating system.

Other secrets could also be revealed following the publication of the system on the brand's latest high-end Chromebook.

If Google has chosen the Pixelbook to test it, then that surely means that the Fuchsia OS is mainly intended for laptops positioned on a nomadic segment. In addition to the Pixelbook, it has also been tested on Intel NUC Chromebooks and Acer Switch Alpha 12.

A continuation of the "Andromeda" project?

For those who don't remember, “Andromeda” is a Google project that dates back to 2016.

The Mountain View firm then announced its ambition to unify its two Android and Chrome OS systems. The project fell apart, however, and its developers were assigned to further research. Since the first rumors surrounding the Fuchsia OS, many have thought that this is the sequel to the aborted project.

Nonetheless, Google's succinct disclosures seem to belie the rumor. The development of this new operating system is based on the Zircon microkernel built by the web giant itself and not on the typical Linux kernels specific to Android and Chrome OS.

All that remains is to wait for further revelations from Google to find out more.

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