Google Maps can display the price of gasoline at the pump in Spain

This news should delight Google Maps users in Europe. After years of waiting, the mapping service has finally deployed the display of the price of gasoline at the pump in one of the countries of the Old Continent. It is therefore Spain which had the honor of inaugurating this option in Europe.

As a reminder, this feature has been available in the United States and Canada for a few years. But as they say, better late than never. Users living in Spain will now be able to access it via Google Maps, whether they are on iOS or Android.

Google Maps can display the price of gasoline at the pump in Spain
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Displaying the price of gasoline at the pump is very useful. Drivers can use it, for example, to find the cheapest gas station.

Information that is displayed automatically

Now, when a user based in Spain searches for a gas station on Google Maps, they will automatically see gas prices at the pump. For the moment, the mapping service is programmed to display by default the price of unleaded 95 gasoline. However, by accessing the service station file, it will be able to see the prices of SP95, SP98 and diesel.

To view fuel prices on Google Maps, the user has two options. He can go directly to the section dedicated to gas stations on Google Maps or type “Gas station” in the Google search bar. He will then be offered a whole list of service stations. This will not only allow him to know the price of the SP95, but also to see which station has the cheapest price.

Google Maps does not reveal all its secrets

It should be noted that Google Maps has not indicated where it got this information on fuel prices in Spain. Especially since it does not (yet) display the price of all gas stations in the country. On Google My Business, it is indicated that the prices come from Gas Buddy.

However, this platform only works in the United States. So it is impossible that the fuel prices in Spain come from there. In all cases, the prices indicated on Google Maps must be considered as a simple reference. The actual price, however, should only vary by a few cents.

It should be noted that Google Maps is not the first platform to indicate the price of fuel. Waze does the same.

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