Google rolls back to block autoplay videos in Chrome

Google has finally decided to go back and no longer block audio from video ads in Chrome that are set to autoplay. The reason given? A compatibility problem with certain applications directly accessible online.

Introduced with Chrome 66, this feature was primarily intended to improve the user experience by automatically muting the audio tracks of all autoplayed videos on pages.

Google Rolls Back To Block Autoplay Videos In Chrome

Far from being limited to clips shared on social networks, this function targeted all videos broadcast online.

Chrome will soon no longer block audio tracks in videos launched for autoplay

It seems that the problem comes from there. John Pallet, one of the company's product managers, has indeed announced the outright removal of this feature in future versions of the browser.

In question, an unexpected incompatibility with certain web applications. According to the manager, the new process implemented in Chrome 66 was working a little too well and thus had the unfortunate tendency to block the audio tracks of web applications and online games.

Google does not recognize the fault directly. According to the firm, the problem would indeed come from developers who took too long to take into account the integration of this function.

A big money problem?

The firm does not draw a definitive line on this function. In reality, the filter will be implemented again next October on Chrome 70. The American giant also calls on developers to take this date into consideration and to refer to the document put in place for the occasion in order to s' ensure the compliance of their applications.

It should still be remembered that this function was initially announced last September. The developers therefore had more than six months to prepare for its implementation.

Some observers believe that the real problem did not come from applications or online games … but from Google's advertising network. The latter would have actually viewed the arrival of this function with a dim view and would therefore have put pressure on the team in charge of Chrome's development to temporarily suspend it.

At least that's a theory. In fact, only Google knows the real reasons for this delay.

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