Google wants to make Chrome's experimental features more accessible

Good news for Google Chrome users. From now on, the experimental functions of the browser will be more easily accessible.

Google continues to improve its web browser. To retain Internet users and thus preserve its status as a leader, the software has just introduced a rather practical feature. It will effectively allow faster access to experimental functions. To take advantage of this new feature, Chrome Canary 89 will have to be used.

Google wants to make Chrome's experimental features more accessible

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Google Chrome Labs is already tested on this latest version of Google Chrome. Once activated, the tool will be accessible via the toolbar to see the experimental functions that the internet giant offers us to test.

Interestingly, these can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux, but right now they're only available in Chrome Canary.

As you will understand, to have this possibility of activating the experimental functions of Chrome, it will be necessary to activate Chrome Labs.

A flask icon

Activating Chrome Labs will display in your web browser, in the section where the menu is located, a bottle icon. To access the playlist or search by tabs, simply click on it. The tab search feature is useful for finding a tab among those open. It adds an icon to the tab bar.

As indicated above, access to these new features requires the activation of Chrome Labs. Before starting this step, first make sure you have the latest version of Chrome Canary. Then type chrome: // flags / in the Chrome address bar. Search for Chrome Labs and choose “enabled”.

A concept that is not really new

Allowing users of a web browser to access experimental functions is nothing new. Firefox and Vivaldi even have their own experimentation pages, Engadget notes . However, due to its particularly large number of users, Chrome should contribute to the democratization of the concept.

This will give us more incentive to try out certain features of a browser before they are officially incorporated. Offering a simpler and more structured way to follow new experiences is therefore judicious.

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