Google would prepare a high-end Chromebook

Google wouldn't be quite done with Chromebooks . Quite the contrary, even. The firm is in fact working on a new, resolutely innovative high-end product, a product designated internally under the code name Eve.

The information obviously does not come from the principal interested party, but from an anonymous source and inevitably close to the file. A source working closely with the Chrome Unboxed site.

Google Would Prepare A High End Chromebook

According to this source, Google would therefore have asked its engineers and designers to design a new Chromebook.

Chromebook: a new machine in sight at Google?

Eve would position itself at the top of the range and it would also come into the two-in-one family. Like Microsoft's Surface Pro, it would therefore take the form of a tablet attached to a backlit and removable magnetic keyboard.

This is not the most interesting, however. This mysterious informant also reports the presence of a beautiful 3: 2 touch screen capable of displaying a definition in 2400 x 1600, a screen compatible in addition with styluses. The Chromebook should also be delivered with an accessory of this type, an accessory specially developed by Wacom.

Google would not intend to stop there and the firm would thus intend to integrate a fingerprint reader into the chassis of the device to facilitate user identification. We should also expect that its keyboard has a key entirely devoted to Google Assistant. One should also expect a similar double-tap feature to the old Pixel. As a reminder, the latter made it possible to know the state of the machine's battery in an instant.

A convertible to offer an alternative to the Surface Pro?

The source doesn't give a lot of technical details, but it does refer to the presence of a Kaby Lake generation chip. Which one exactly? This is not mentioned, nor is the amount of onboard RAM.

The other question is naturally to know if this new Chromebook will be marketed in the Pixel range or if it will give birth to another family of products. However, we will have to wait for the official announcement or the next leaks to be clear about it and to know what exactly is going on.

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