GTA 6: it becomes clearer for the female player and for Latin America

GTA 6 is once again talking about him. Last week, an insider by the name of Tom Henderson did indeed report some major news. For the first time since the transition from the license to 3D, Rockstar intends to offer a playable female character!

And a few days later, it's another source's turn to confirm the information… and more.

Gta 6 It Becomes Clearer For The Female Player And For Latin America
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Many forgot about it, but the early episodes of GTA allowed players to choose between a male character and a female character.

GTA 6 would offer to play a woman

Rockstar however abandoned this idea with GTA 3, and therefore with the first episode developed in 3D. An episode which offered a narrative structure a little more complex than the first two volumes and which was not limited to crushing passers-by.

Since then, the shutters have followed and Rockstar has staged many different stories. Stories which, on the other hand, have always focused on male characters.

Even GTA 5, whose narrative structure was based on three different characters, did not correct this unforgivable oversight.

Well, if we are to believe the insider mentioned above, Rockstar intends to make amends with the sixth installment of the franchise. A component whose story would be based on two playable characters, and more precisely on a man and a woman.

Project Americas also confirmed

Now, it is therefore the turn of another leaker to confirm the information. In a tweet dated January 12, a certain @LegacyKillaHD indicates that the previous leak is true and that GTA 6 will offer us to play a woman. The information would come, unsurprisingly, from a person familiar with the matter. And therefore a Rockstar employee.

There is more, however. In the same tweet, the leaker also specifies that his source has confirmed all the information circulating around the famous Project Americas. GTA 6 should not be limited to American territory and the title should also take us to Latin America. The opportunity to see the country, to discover new environments, but also undoubtedly to break into the world drug market.

If these leaks are very attractive, they still have to be taken with caution. Rockstar, for its part, has of course not confirmed anything and it will at least be necessary to wait for the first teaser of the title to know if these two sources are telling the truth. Teaser which is probably not about to land since the title will not be released before 2022 or 2023 at best .

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