GTA 6: New patent suggests smarter NPCs

A patent filed a few months ago by Take-Two suggests that the non-playable characters of their next productions, GTA 6 in mind, will be smarter. The goal of the maneuver would be to make the actions and reactions of these NPCs more organic than in the past.

We are still at a stage where advances in artificial intelligence do not sell a game. Unless it has many other things to offer and if its strengths are deemed sufficiently attractive by its potential buyers. .

GTA 6: New patent suggests smarter NPCs

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It turns out that a few days ago, a reddit user noted that Take-Two, parent company of Rockstar, had filed last October an interesting patent beyond its title: “System and method of virtual navigation in a gaming environment ”.

Take-Two reportedly aspires to make NPCs in upcoming titles more organic

The purpose of the patent is to make the actions and reactions of non-player characters (NPCs) more intelligent and organic. The document notes that “conventional systems provide only limited resources” to developers in animating open worlds:

“For example, processing power, memory, and efficiency only allow for a predetermined number of cars controlled by NPCs in each instance of a conventional system. However, players expect to see more than a predetermined number of NPC-controlled cars in a video game for a realistic experience. In conventional systems, NPCs are often grouped by characteristics and perform the same movements. In fact, some NPCs in conventional systems disappear when the player approaches the NPC. ”

Take-Two is said to aim to bestow different personalities on NPCs in order to address this issue of limited realism. It would be surprising if, in the event that this system were to emerge, a certain still unconfirmed GTA 6 does not benefit from it.

With its Watch Dogs, Ubisoft manages to produce interesting things in this area, for example with NPCs who can attack your avatar in the event of unfortunate gesture (s). The video game revolutions to come will likely involve more developed AI. However, as mentioned above, sufficient resources must be allocated to establish a new quality standard at this level.

Remember that if GTA 6 is talked about a lot, the title should not arrive, at best, before 2022 or 2023 . Until then, a lot can still change.

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