Handling of AirTags 2021

Apple announced the AirTags during its spring Keynote, a Keynote taking us back a few weeks and which was the opportunity for the brand to unveil many other products.

Available to order for a few weeks, AirTags have started arriving at their new owners, including yours truly. The time therefore seems right to present to you the very first tracker developed by the brand.

Handling Of Airtags
The AirTag box when sold on its own

Packaging & Accessories

True to its habits, Apple has been straight to the essentials in terms of packaging and the AirTag is thus delivered in a compact white box, a box simply showing the visual and the name of the product.

Once the plastic tab has been removed, it will be possible to open it from the base and pull its contents towards us using a cardboard tab.

The AirTag is delivered in a cardboard base with two flaps on which you can find instructions for putting it into operation. And as we will see later, the procedure is very easy.

Apple presented several accessories to go with its tag, but my choice fell on the Leather Loop in (PRODUCT) Red.

Again, the product comes in a minimalist box that behaves exactly like the AirTags. It will therefore be necessary to remove the tab placed at the base of the box, open it and gently pull its contents towards you.

It may also be useful to recall that the brand has been committed for several years to an ecological approach aimed at preserving the environment. The boxes are therefore made of recycled cardboard and they are kept to the strict minimum.

Handling Of Airtags 1
The AirTag takes the form of a small macaroon

Design & Ergonomics

On the design side, it must be recognized that the AirTag does not lack style. The accessory comes in the form of a macaroon covered with a white plastic reminiscent of that of the old MacBooks.

The base is made of metal and it is adorned with the logo of the brand, but also the usual mentions.

Precision which has its importance, the AirTag is devoid of battery and it works with a CR2032 battery which gives it an autonomy of one year. To change it, simply press down on the base and turn it. Steve Moser had also published an animation to show the procedure to follow.

You probably know it, but the AirTag does not have a fastening system. It will still be possible to slip it into a bag pocket, of course, but you will need an additional accessory if you want to hang it on a pair of keys or any other object.

And there, be careful, because it can very quickly cost. The AirTag alone is offered at a price of 35 €, a relatively affordable rate. It is also possible to buy a set of four tags, for a price of 119 €.

But as stated before, behind you will also need an accessory if you want to attach it to an object. The leather key ring, for example, is priced at € 39. As for the strap, it will cost you between € 35 and € 45 depending on the model. And that's not to mention Hermès accessories, available from € 299.

Belkin, for its part, offers a protective case a little more accessible and which will cost you € 13.95. Case available in two different forms: with cord and with key ring. Note that all AirTags accessories are listed on this page .

The Leather Loop remains in any case a good choice. It is pretty, sturdy and the attachment system inspires confidence. Setting up the AirTag is relatively simple. You will need to unclip the snap button, place the tag in its location, fold the tab back and reattach the button.

Once in place, nothing moves.

Handling Of Airtags 2
The base of the AirTag is made of metal


Apple has always advocated accessibility and AirTags are fully in line with this trend.

To activate the accessory, you will simply need an iPhone running iOS 14.5 . Yes, the famous version that allows you to unlock an iPhone with an Apple Watch .

Then you will just need to unlock your phone and place it alongside the AirTag. A small window will then appear on your phone screen and it will ask you to specify the nature of the object associated with the AirTag being configured.

Then Apple will quickly explain to you what the accessory is capable of and… that's it. It's hard to make it simpler. Note that the process is similar in every way to that proposed for AirPods.

Once the AirTag is configured, it will automatically be added to the Find My app. By launching the latter, you will thus see a new tab called “objects” appear at the bottom.

It will list all the AirTags associated with your objects, with a map to view their location.

If you need to find an object, nothing complicated, just tap on its name. And there, you will have access to several functions:

  • Make a sound: the AirTag will start making a (very) shrill sound to help you locate it by ear;
  • Locate nearby: iPhone will display a compass to help you find your AirTag. With an arrow pointing in the direction it is located and the distance to it;
  • Notification: this option will allow Locate to generate an alert when the AirTag is found;
  • Lost: If the AirTag is permanently lost, then you can press this button to remove it from your account.
Handling Of Airtags 3
The AirTag is extremely easy to configure

First Impressions

I am quite conscientious by nature and very rarely do I lose things. So I'm not really part of the target for AirTags, but I admit that I was amazed all the same by the efficiency of the system put in place by Apple.

The setup, for starters, is extremely quick and easy. Enough so that the product can be used by a wide variety of people. It should be remembered that we are not all born with a smartphone in our hand. And for people 50, 60, 70 or older, this simplicity is definitely a plus.

Regarding the options, they are once again numerous enough to be suitable for the greatest number. Providing an audible warning system in addition to a visual guide is definitely a good idea. Visually impaired or hearing impaired people will be able to use the accessory.

The price, it seems to me correct and we remain in any case in the market prices. The only concern is that the AirTag will not always be sufficient on its own and it will also have to be attached to a binding, which may very quickly increase the rating. Now third-party props should get on with it too, just like Belkin does.

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