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How to make money in hay day: Hay Day is a freemium mobile farming game by Supercell. Hay Day for Android and iOS was released in November 2013. Hay Day and Clash of Clans brought approximately $30 million monthly in 2013. In 2013, Hay Day ranked fourth in revenue.
Getting money in Hay Day is easy with these three tips!


How to make money in hay day details

How to make money in hay day details

 Brief details about hay day – most profitable items:

hay day price list: I’ll keep growing and selling wheat. A full-price sale is problematic when a quick purchase is expected. Depending on what you grow, they’ll cost you a tenth of a penny. (I’ve observed that maize is similarly slow to sell.) Wheating provides in-game commodities, building materials, axes, and saws. 1 item every 75 harvests.

During coin events, only visitors may buy and sell. These people usually triple your prices and give you more than you sell. I watch for events or puzzle pieces when ordering boats (shows up at town reputation three and up)

I always have enough axes and saws to keep my farm neat. If you overplant, you’ll have dead animals and no tools.

How to Earn Coins is Tom. Buy diamonds for Tom. At 352, Cherry Popsicle gets the most coins per product. (Easy to sell an item) You send Tom out every 2 hours to buy nine popsicles. When you sell them, you earn a lot of money since they are cheap.

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How to make money in hay day insights

hay day cheats  insights

Tricks about how to make money in hay day

Tricks about How to make money in hay day

 How to make money in hay day  step by step:

1. errands for Tom

Tom does errands. Tom is level 14. Then he’s yours for the day. Profit! Then pay him 15 gems every day.

Hay Day makes money fast. Save your diamonds and employ Tom just sometimes.
Free Your Day

Buy Tom only if you’re free that day. You may send Tom to harvest things and crops every 2 hours. Purchase cheap items from him and resell them profitably at your roadside business. Get the priciest items for your level.
Tom’s List

Among the fruits are tom berries. These crops sell quickly because they grow slowly. Look for pricey products at a roadside shop. Send Tom after them to sell on the roadway. No one pays the total price at your farm. Choosi a roadside shop.


How to make money in hay day

How to make money in hay day

 What is the first thing i shoud know about How to make money in hay day?

hay day tips and tricks 2022: 2. Grow Wheat for Rare Things

Rare items are used to dig and clear land. Here’s how to get rare items in Hay Day. 2 min wheat planting/harvesting So cultivate wheat. An item from every 70 fields.

Visitors only want wheat if you offer everything else. They crave as you hoard. Sell it!

Sell your wheat for a penny or more. Low-priced items sell rapidly. This frees up silo room for uncommon wheat!

Then go back to crafting, questing, and filling your shop. Remember this approach to enhance your building’s property, or simply make money! Get seeds from Hay Day’s newspaper instead of diamonds!

Level skip

3. Advertise in Newspapers

The classified advertising in Hay Day’s journal is cheap. Find deals in the newspaper. Buy them to resell for more.

The newspaper will constantly have new ads. If you can’t find it, change the language choices. A new newspaper, new ads! I use this little trick all the time whether I’m searching for something or a deal.

Three simple ways to earn money in Hay Day! These are just a few options. Merely tried and true.

Could you notify me of updates to Tom?
No gems to buy crops.
– Wheat for unusual things.
Modify your newspaper’s text.

How to make money in hay day essential info

How to make money in hay day essential info

Can you tell me fastest way to apply this money making method?

hay day money glitch 2022: Can a barn keep hay?

It holds 50 creatures at level 1 and 1,000 at level 39. This goes on and on. The boards, duct tape, and bolts needed for the next renovation will take up more and more room in your barn.
Soil testing for hay crops


From levels 15 through 24, pumpkin costs 64.8 coins for each field or 324 coins for ten units. Each field costs 72 coins or 360 for ten units (level 25-29).
To get more money in Hay Day Hack,

Saving and gaining money: 6 hacks

– Prevent seed shortages
– Respect farm visitors. …
Enjoy your roadside stand. …
– Fearlessly refuse instructions. …
– Cash and expertise.

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Get foxes!

It’s easier to feed garden foxes their natural food. Exclude cooked or raw meat, canned dog food, and fox food like Wild Things. Apples and cheese are favorites of foxes.
Is Hay Day over?

This is Supercell’s second soft launch game removed. The servers will be shut down on February 1, 2020.
Is forestry profitable?

The primary producers are the profitable and eco-friendly high-value tree farming Traditionally saw, and pulp logs. Christmas tree farming yields ten times the profit per acre.
A tiny farm’s finest crop

Popular Specialty Crops

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– Growing trees and shrubs.
– maples jap. WILDS Garlic

Why do apple orchards need acres?

A small farm stand orchard requires five to ten acres, while a profitable orchard requires 50 to 100 acres.


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