He resells Pokémon cards for $ 80,000 in order to pay for his higher education

To finance his graduate studies, an American student had taken it early enough by buying Pokémon cards with the aim of resale. After having already sold 80,000 dollars of these goods, our ex-player still has enough to continue to work in peace.

Caleb's example is possibly not to be followed nowadays since times have changed, and in particular the value of certain goods. A few years ago, reports the Comic Book site, this young man had spent 4,000 dollars (or approximately 3,200 euros) in the purchase of Pokémon cards.

He resells Pokémon cards for $ 80,000 in order to pay for his higher education

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Fan of card games or the Pokémon franchise? Apparently not. Caleb actually had in mind to resell these cards when needed, with an expected return on investment. At the time, he explains, he seemed to be the only one who believed in his project: “In the beginning a lot of people tried to discourage me from doing this – especially my parents. They said to me, 'Hey, you shouldn't spend that much money on these cards, that's ridiculous.' … I didn't listen to them, and it paid off. ”

He had spent $ 4,000 on Pokémon cards, he has already sold some for 80,000

Caleb is a student at the University of North Georgia, USA. In order to be able to finance his higher education, he drew from his Pokémon cards bought a long time ago. In recent years, he has already collected $ 80,000 (65,000 euros) in the resale of these cards, which have therefore not lost in value over time.

According to the principal concerned, he would still have in his possession enough to end up with 50,000 additional dollars (nearly 41,000 euros). A sum that he would use there again to pay for his studies. While the Fox 5 Atlanta report does not appear to be interested in the precise maps that have already been sold by Caleb, the images broadcast show some of what remains to be sold. However, don't expect to make such profits by selling your Dragon Ball cards of all origins collected decades ago.