Here are the Apple products expected in 2021

Ming-Chi Kuo struck again. The famous analyst has just published a new report this time devoted to part of Apple's line-up throughout 2021. And therefore to all the products that the brand should launch in the weeks and months to come.

Caution is of course in order, but the analyst's report has the merit of offering us an overview of what awaits us.

Here are the Apple products expected in 2021
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And as you will see, the program may be excessively loaded.

AirTags, iPads and Apple Glass in 2021?

AirTags, for starters, should be among the products launched by Apple in 2021. These accessories would offer functions similar to Tiles and they would allow us to very easily find a wallet, a bag or even a lost cat. Coupled with a U1 chip, they would also be integrated into the Locate application to make our lives easier.

Kuo also expects us to learn more about Apple Glass in the coming months. Initially expected for 2022, Apple's augmented reality glasses could therefore be a little ahead of the planned program.

The year 2021 should also be marked by the launch of several iPads. Different models would be planned and some of them would be equipped with Mini LED screens. This should especially be the case with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Same story on the AirPods side. New models are planned and AirPods Pro Lite could replace the brand's mainstream headphones. With a design close – see similar – to that of the AirPods Pro.

Of course, the apple brand will not stick to these three products. As every year, it will also renew its other ranges. At the end of the year, we will be able to discover the iPhone 13, but also the Apple Watch Series 7. Some sources are also expecting major changes for this seventh iteration.

And then ?

And that's without counting on Macs. Apple made its mark at the end of last year by presenting the first three Macs under ARM, namely the MacBook Air, the Mac Mini and the 13-inch MacBook Pro that we were able to test for several weeks.

The firm will of course continue its efforts throughout the year and it should soon present a new even more powerful chip, a chip that we will normally find in the next iMacs, but also in the all new MacBook Pro of 16 inches, a MacBook Pro that could be entitled to a design a little different from what we know .

The next few months promise to be exciting for all tech lovers, but also for all fans of the brand.

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