Here's how to calculate distances and areas with Google Maps

Google Maps has long included a tool that allows you to measure distances between several points and the area of a place. Few people however know of the existence of it. Find out in this article how to use it to obtain these types of data.

Google Maps was designed to provide us with simple and detailed land navigation. Nowadays, the app can even be used to plan an outing with friends or even book a restaurant. Google is constantly increasing the functionality in order to constantly improve the user experience. Unfortunately, this policy sometimes encourages us to favor new features to the detriment of older functions.

Heres How To Calculate Distances And Areas With Google Maps

Google Maps allows you to calculate distances or areas

Note, for example, that it is possible to use Google Maps to find out the area of a given place and measure the distances between several points.

You do not know the existence of these features? It does not matter ! We show you how to take advantage of it.

A tool integrated into Google Maps

To calculate areas with Google Maps, from the desktop version of the application, access the tool intended for this purpose. All you have to do is display the place whose area you want to know. Note that it is essential to ensure the visibility of the roads or edges of the said location on the map, because these elements will be taken into account.

Once you are in the right place, right click on the map and, in the context menu, select the option "Measure distance". After that, the path marking tool will be automatically activated. Now all you have to do is draw the boundaries of the place for which you want to calculate the area. A pop-up will appear at the bottom when you activate the tool and draw a traverse, it will update as the tracing progresses.

How to get the area?

To display the area, simply loop the path markings. The pop-up window will then show the area in square miles and square kilometers. Admittedly, this Google Maps tool promises to be practical, but above all, do not count on using the data which results from it for legal purposes. However, these can be useful in certain circumstances.

Note that it is also possible to obtain the same information on the mobile version of Google Maps. To do this, drop a pin at the start point of the measurement, then open the pin details panel. You will see a "Measure distance" option. Use it to create a traverse and calculate the area.

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