Here's how to customize the AirPods Pro Force Sensor

The Force Sensor is one of the new features offered by Apple with the AirPods Pro . In particular, it allows you to control playback and noise cancellation mode. But how do you personalize it?

Recently available, the AirPods Pro are the new pair of wireless headphones from Apple. They are equipped with more practical features than the others to name only the noise cancellation and the Transparency mode.

Heres How To Customize The Airpods Pro Force Sensor

If you do not know it yet, note that the latter allows external sounds to filter out so that the user can better focus on his environment. The AirPods Pro also have a function called Force Sensor. As the name suggests, this is an option that allows the user to interact with their headphones by exerting some pressure with their fingers.

However, unlike the first and second generation AirPods which have a control zone on the ear cups, the new AirPods use a sensor called "Force Sensor". This is integrated into the stem of each ear cup.

How then to customize the Force Sensor to better use its AirPods Pro?

Customization of the force sensors of the left and right earphones:

To do this, make sure your AirPods Pro are plugged into your iPhone. Once this step is completed, go to your phone's settings. Access the “settings” menu then choose “Bluetooth”. Then tap the "i" next to your AirPods Pro and under "Press and hold AirPods" select "Left" or "Right."

All that remains is to define your preferences. In particular, it is possible to customize the Force Sensor to activate noise control or Siri. Customization also allows you to choose to include "Off" in the noise control commands.

How to customize the speed and duration of the pressure on AirPods Pro?

To customize the speed and duration of the pressure on the new AirPods, just open the iPhone settings and go to "accessibility". Then choose "AirPods" and set the speed as well as the duration of the pressure according to your preference.

Note that it is also possible to activate in this section the noise cancellation when using only one earphone.

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