Here's how to make photo montages in Instagram stories

Instagram continues to enrich its Stories feature to the delight of users. On Wednesday December 18, the social network launched a new tool. Called "Layout" ("Composition" in French), the new feature allows you to make photo montages directly in your Stories, without going through an external app. You will be able to display up to 6 different photos on the same screen, then proceed to your photo collage.

Discover below the steps to follow to make photo montages directly in your Instagram Stories. You will see that it is as easy as pie!

Heres How To Make Photo Montages In Instagram Stories

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Step 1: Update Instagram

You must first start by updating your application. Yes, this is an essential step, because as a novelty, the new “Composition” feature is only available on the latest version of the Instagram app.

Step 2: to access the feature

To access the feature, open the app, then create a new story. Then go to the bottom of your screen, and scroll through the different features. "Composition" sits right between the "Boomerang" and "Superzoom" features.

Step 3: choose the type of composition

Once you have clicked on the small "Composition" icon, you will be able to choose between ten different collages which can accommodate up to six photos maximum. You just have to click on the composition of your choice.

Step 4: add / remove photos

As for the photos to paste, you have the choice between importing photos from your phone's gallery or taking them directly from your camera. Then to remove / replace a photo from the montage, there is a small button just under the main button: you just need to press it to delete the snapshot.

Step 5: Save the edit and share it

Once your collage is complete, you press the validation button and voila! You can directly share your beautiful photo montage in your Stories or send it privately to your friends. Otherwise, you can also save it to your phone's gallery and then share it on Facebook or other social networks, it's up to you.

Bonus: add other effects for an original montage

Once saved and stored in your photo gallery, your awesome collage can be added to your Stories like any photo. As a result, you can use the effects of the Instagram app (text, GIF, hashtag, countdown) to embellish your creation even more.

Lots of fun features coming to Instagram!

Really practical, there is no doubt that this new “Composition” feature of Instagram will be a hit with its users. And this is only the beginning if we are to believe the social network. Instagram promises many other tools to come to stimulate the creativity of its dear Instagrammers. Soon, for example, they will be able to take advantage of new tools for adding text or a "before / after" effect.

While waiting to find out more, how about a little photo collage session?