Hertz UNO K165 300w review


Hertz UNO K165 300w review


Benefits of Hertz UNO K165 :

Frequent from 55Hz to 23kHz for rich sound.

The package includes the accessories needed for quick and safe installation.

Includes coil with ferrite magnet for undistorted sound.

Pressed paper cone design, which ensures efficient dispersion of sound waves inside.

It is a set of two speakers and two tweeters.



Although it gives you a good sound quality and you will be able to listen to all styles of music without problems in the car, don’t expect it to be an impressive bass. For those who want more depth on low waves, it is recommended to complete the set with asuitablecar subwoofer.



The technical characteristics of the set are materialized in the 4ohm impedance, which you must take into account if you want to supplement it with a subwoofer, and RMS power of 75W, enough for standard size personal cars. We are talking at the same time about a sensitivity of 93dB and a frequency response between 55Hz and 23kHz, wide enough to allow accurate playback of your favorite songs.

Hertz UNO K165 300w review

Installation is quick and easy, placing the speakers in place of the old ones, which you want to change, and the delivery package includes the accessories needed for this stage. However, depending on the car model, you may also need adapter rings.

The speakers include in the structure the voice coil, with the size of 1 inch or 25 mm, with ferrite magnet. It is an element that makes it possible to efficiently manage the power, so that the sound is transmitted without distortion, even when you listen to music at high volume and the car windows start to vibrate easily.

In terms of design, we can tell you that the tweeters are made of Neodymium and have a cone shape, with a diameter of 24mm, a compact profile that does not prevent them from accurately reproducing high sounds, properly appreciated on days when you want to listen to music. classic.

And in the case of speakers, the profile is a cone, made of pressed paper, in the V-Cone model specific to Hertz products, which gives you an efficient dispersion of sound waves inside the car, so that all passengers can enjoy conditions very good listening, no matter where they are positioned.

The package is part of the category of audio sets for personal cars, usually designed with 2 or 4 four pieces. This version includes 2 low-wave speakers, the most popular and largest, with a diameter of 6.5inch, and two tweeters.

The latter are designed to cover the high area at a good level of quality, but they are not necessary for everyone, some drivers prefer not to install them. Although the option is at your choice, we recommend that you test the operation in both variants before deciding.


Conclusion after Hertz UNO K165  300w review:

It is a set of speakers, for the car, with two speakers for low waves and two for high ones, sold together with the accessories necessary for installation and which can be completed, according to preferences, with a subwoofer to accentuate the bass notes. It is easy to install and offers good sound quality, with enough power for more generous cars in terms of space.


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