Hey, Razer just presented a transparent mask with LEDs

Razer is often where you least expect it and it proves it once again with Project Hazel , a transparent mask equipped with LEDs and capable of filtering 95% of airborne particles.

This will undoubtedly have escaped no one, but the mask very quickly established itself as an essential accessory in 2020. And the trend unfortunately does not seem to be about to change in 2021. Pandemic obliges, it indeed plays a role. capital role in these troubled times and Razer seems to have understood it.

Hey Razer Just Presented A Transparent Mask With Leds
Razer's Project Hazel

The manufacturer took advantage of CES 2021 – a somewhat special edition, but all the same rich in announcements – to lift the veil on the Hazel project, a very special mask.

Project Hazel, a very special mask

First and not least, the mask designed by the Razer teams is semi-transparent. The area surrounding the mouth is actually made of a translucent plastic. It will therefore be possible to see the expressions of the wearer, but also and above all to read the words he speaks on his lips.

The Hazel is also equipped with two smart pods , a species of valves that regulate the air flow and which are equipped with a bacterial filtration system (EFB) capable of filtering at least 95% of the particles suspended in the air. and which are also resistant to fluids.

Interestingly, these valves use disc fans that can be removed and changed. The mask can therefore be used indefinitely.

But that's not all. Another interesting feature of Razer's goggle is that it is equipped with technology dubbed Voice Amp, a technology that is capable of increasing the range of the user's voice by relying on a microphone and amplifier.

A mask that does not isolate its wearer

Thanks to this function, the voice of the wearer of the mask will not be muffled and will therefore remain audible in all circumstances.

To charge the mask, simply place it in its wireless charging box, a box compatible with fast charging and, above all, equipped with ultraviolet lamps. It will therefore not only be used to restore color and it will also be able to disinfect it.

And then, of course, there are the LEDs. Razer obliges, the mask embeds two Razer Chroma lighting zones capable of offering 16.8 million colors, with the added bonus of dynamic lighting effects.

For the moment, Razer is not talking about a commercialization. In its press release, the manufacturer indicates that it will continue to be subjected to rigorous tests. Just note that it comes in two colors, white and black.

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