Hitman creators would be working on a heroic fantasy game

IO Interactive signed Agent 47's comeback in 2016 with Hitman. An exceptional return, the game offering ultra efficient and addicting gameplay. The studio then released Hitman 2 and Hitman 3, both real hits and featuring even more refined mechanics. A success that convinced since now, IO Interactive is in charge of the James Bond video game reboot and will create its own 007 . But the studio would have another project in the cards according to Eurogamer , very far from our world like its previous games since we are talking here … of heroic fantasy. But that's not all that this rumor has in store for us.

Because this game would be exclusive to the Xbox, enough to offer an additional argument to the Microsoft machine.

Hitman creators would be working on a heroic fantasy game

Credit: IO Interactive

The development of this exclusivity would even have started on the premises of IO Interactive …

A heroic fantasy game for the Xbox?

This is the crazy rumor of the day as IO Interactive has been regaling us with Hitman since 2016. The studio, now emancipated from Square Enix, would be working on a heroic fantasy game for the Xbox. An exclusive franchise in which players would face dragons. We are talking about an AAA responding to the sweet name of Project Dragon. Everything would take place in a universe reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

Several months ago, I learned that Microsoft and IO Interactive were in discussions for a heroic fantasy RPG called Project Dragon. It is still too early to know its gameplay since the final game could be different from its version presented.

Project Dragon would be the result of a collaboration between Microsoft / Xbox Game Studios with outside studios. What to enrich its Xbox Game Pass offer? Maybe. Without forgetting the possibility of having (finally) strong exclusives, like the PlayStation.

Eurogamer also tells us that the game would be online and that several job offers from iO Interactive go in this direction.

History to increase the excitement among the players, the source of Eurogamer explains that "what has been presented so far is terribly ambitious and represents a new step for IO Interactive".

After years of growing Hitman, the studio seems ready to take the second …

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